5 Ways to Think Outside the 9-5 Box and Drastically Improve Your Workplace
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Looking for new ways to revamp the normal office grind? Here are some ways to make you more content as a boss and your workers happier to come to work.


Create a less stressful environment

An integral way of creating a business space that is both innovative and safe is by reducing your stress as a business owner. Many have said that the team is only as strong (or as stressed) as their leader. What better way to reduce stress for you than to invest in an office creation service that designs custom spaces for you? A serviced office is an all-in-one package deal that includes a flat monthly rent, all utilities, furnished office spaces, and on-site administrative services. Rather than having to seek out space to rent, find utility companies to install services at your place of business, decorate and clean your offices, and take care of all mail and shipping needs, you can have one company do all of that work for you. What is left for you to do is to move in and trust that someone else is doing the heavy lifting.


Trust Your Employees

Take care of yourself and your employees by valuing them when they are on the clock and when they are off the clock. Allow yourself and your team to have lives away from the office by creating flexibility within schedules for emergencies and normal everyday occurrences like dental appointments and baseball games. Rather than demanding employees be at a desk in an office for a certain amount of time, set the expectations for what work should be completed and when and trust that the people you have hired will meet them. Acting more like a coach than a manager goes a long way in the workplace.


Work Remotely

Offering employees the option to work from home or while on the road is a lucrative option for many companies. Rather than having to keep the overhead for all of your employees to come to a separate office building, you can cut down on costs and offer your employees a more rewarding home life. Remote workers often report lower stress rates and more happiness with their employers.


Set (and Keep) Boundaries

Model a good work-life balance to your team by setting healthy boundaries that pertain to your job. When you are at work, make sure you are fully present and giving one hundred percent every day. When you are not working, clock out and stay out. One mistake that many business owners make is being completely accessible all hours of both day and night. Even Elon Musk experiences burn out, whether he is willing to admit it or not is a different story. Divide your time and energy correctly so you can improve and focus on each area efficiently.


Practice Self-Care

Yes, self-care is important even for the workplace. Take care of planning your meals away from home. Stretch often and consistently to combat the poor body mechanics you may use while tailoring spreadsheets. Take walks to the water fountain often to move your body and remain hydrated without the waste of single-use water bottles. There are so many techniques you can incorporate so that you can take care of your body and mind, even while on the job.


Creating a space that prioritizes empathy and human engagement over punches on a clock will produce successful workers and a more productive working environment. Follow these steps to create such an environment within your company today.



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