Dispel Common Myths About Nutrition And Fitness With the Help of Runtastic Nutrition Quiz App
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Staying fit and healthy has become a top priority in the modern society. The mass proliferation of such diseases as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, that most frequently result from consumption of unhealthy food and alcohol, smoking, sedentary life and environmental pollution, has urged people to revise their old habits and become more health conscious.


In addition to this, a large number of people across the globe has acknowledged that the way they look and feel has a direct and profound impact on their productivity and success in general. Of course, this fact is irrefutable and supports an old saying, "Healthy spirit lives in a healthy body”. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of the nutritional value of the food you consume, exercise on a regular basis and eliminate stress.


When you choose a path towards a healthy lifestyle an avalanche of questions may arise. What food enhances metabolism and facilitates weight loss ? How many calories I should consume on a daily basis ? How particular products affect my mood ? What set of exercises works best for a particular muscle group ?


While searching for the answers over the internet or asking for a piece of advice from a friend you might get befuddled by profusion of tips and options. But which of them are myths and which are veritable facts ?


Runtastic Nutrition Quiz App will dispel your doubts and shed light on the most intriguing facts regarding your health. This engaging app allows you to debunk common myths about nutrition, fitness and diets in an interactive and fun way.


Runtastic Nutrition Quiz contains 11 unique quiz categories such as Sport, Fattening Food & Alcohol, Nutrition for Men & Women, Calories & Weight Loss, Functional Food etc. While browsing through the categories you will get loads of indispensable and valuable tips that will help you to acquire body of your dream and excellent health, boost your self-confidence.


Runtastic Nutrition Quiz is a treasury of more than 600 wholesome and essential facts that will certainly inspire you to embark on the journey towards healthier living.


You will never get bored while learning new stuff about health with Nutrition Quiz. App allows you to test your newly acquired knowledge in Quiz mode, share and compare your results with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google +. The most staggering facts can be saved in Favorites. "Daily reminders” option allows you to refresh your knowledge and stay motivated.


Runtastic Nutrition Quiz App saves you time. Now you don’t have to spend hours guessing and looking  for authentic tips. Nutrition Quiz App provides information from trusted sources.


Download this useful and interactive app and discover little known truths you always wanted to find out. Use the gained knowledge to create diet plan that meets the needs of your organism, has positive effect on your body and causes no harm. The more you are versed in principles of nutrition the better you can manage weight loss process and preserve results for a long period of time. Learn more about fitness with the help of Runtastic Nutrition Quiz  and prioritize workouts that will work best for you.

To find out more about Runtastic follow the link http://www.runtastic.com/en


                                                                   Written by Natalie Myhalnytska 

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