Malmö and Murcia Won European Sustainable Urban Mobility Awards
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EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, an annual campaign designed to raise awareness of citizens on the use of public transport, cycling, walking and honour a local authority that has used creativity and innovation to promote sustainable urban mobility and implement measures to achieve a shift towards more sustainable means of transport, will be held from 16 to 22 September.


This year’s campaign will be dedicated to the theme “Smart and Sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe”. A special attention will be paid to the link between transport and economic growth.


The main goal of the campaign is to encourage European municipalities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and invite citizens to try out alternatives to car use, explore the benefits of more sustainable urban transport solutions.


Citizens will be also encouraged to reflect on their mobility habits since making smarter choices about the type of transport we use will not only help us save money and improve our health, but also make a positive contribution to the economic development and environmental protection.


“By adopting smart and sustainable travel habits, we’re making an investment in our household and in Europe.”


The registration for this year’s European Mobility Week is already open to local authorities across Europe.


Businesses, NGOs, schools and other non-municipal actors who wish to get involved in the campaign, are also encouraged to register their MOBILITYACTION.


European Mobility Week 2015 was focused on the theme of multimodality. 53 applications were submitted from 19 countries.


Swedish city Malmö and Spanish city Murcia became winners of 2015 European Sustainable Urban Mobility Awards. The European Commission announced winners at a ceremony held in Brussels on Wednesday, 20 April 2016.


Murcia received European Mobility Award for its innovative approach to intermodal e-mobility and public transport loyalty scheme that aims to reward best practice in commuter level. Among other finalists were Lisbon and Palma de Mallorca.

See the video here.


Malmö received 4th Sustainability Urban Mobility Planning Award. Malmö’s local authorities have developed a transport planning that is linked to the overall urban planning process and takes into account commuter patterns as well as social factors such as accessibility for different social groups. The city has also developed plans for a tram network, encouraging walking, developing cycling programes and even sustainable urban freight solutions. Among other finalists were Vienna and Utrecht.

See the video here.


The Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, who presented winners with awards, said, ”The objective of urban transportation should be to return cities back to their people and I commend the intermodal transport solutions developed by Malmö and Murcia. I hope they will now inspire many other cities as the fight against climate change will be won or lost in urban areas."


Commissioner Karmenu Vella added, “Urban transport still accounts for a significant share of air pollution in our cities. Today's winner cities prove that shifting to more sustainable transport is possible, without any loss of comfort. On the contrary, a greater number of transport options can save people time, keep us active and improve the quality of the air we breathe.”


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by Natalie Myhalnytska



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