Going to Visit Austrian Capital During pre-Christmas Season ? Get Insider-tips From My Little Vienna
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One of the most exciting periods in life of Viennese citizens and guests is the pre-Christmas season. It is a period when Christmas lights illuminate famous squares of the Austrian capital. It is a period when ethos of Christmas unites hearts and families, and ignites joy and magical atmosphere at every home.

If you plan your trip to Vienna and want to find out more about places worth visiting then welcome to My Little Vienna website which is devoted to one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.


Website provides information on the best Vienna locations for pre-Christmas mood and punch, reviews about Christmas markets.


My Little Vienna also notifies you about upcoming events. Stay informed about meetings, exhibitions, celebrations and never miss the most outstanding events in Viennese life.


Learn more about customs, fashion, trends, cuisine and lifestyle in Vienna. Get insider-tips and reviews of Viennese coffee- and guest-houses. Find out which places are worth visiting when you come to Vienna with your kids.


As My Little Vienna team underscores, "The biggest problem for a traveller nowadays is the enormous amount of data, and so much less of a time. Surely, there are lots of info sources and you’ll definitely find information  about sightseeing in Vienna instantly. However, when it comes to finding more than a standard touristic sightseeing package, here you’ll need to dig up. Thus, we’d love to make it for you a little bit more clear and easy, so you could also experience much more of Vienna, instantly!


Our goal is not to show every "different” shop or restaurant, but only those with a special flair, those that are worth a visit, and those that we would recommend to our friends.”


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                                                                                                    Written by Natalie Myhalnytska


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