How Gamification Drives Employee Engagement And Fosters Innovation
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All companies, regardless of the size, are concerned about the same issue, “How to maintain competitive advantage in the environment of fierce rivalry?” Since, the market is fraught with new products and technology that are being introduced on a daily basis, and the number of upstart companies that are fighting for the place “under the sun” keeps rising, existing companies must innovate to remain relevant and keep thriving in the market.


Innovation in every organization begins with people. Each employee brings particular value, has some hidden potential, and the goal every company must set is to help its employees unleash their potential by fostering the culture of sharing and collaboration. In other words, in order to innovate company has to enhance employee engagement at a workplace. Poor employee engagement remains one of the main reasons why companies struggle when it comes to innovation. Without involvement of people technology itself can’t ensure successful implementation of innovation strategies.


Companies can tackle the challenge of reduced employee engagement and lack of innovation by implementing gamification. Gamification is incorporated in organization activities by applying game mechanics to non-game activities, applications or experiences to motivate people towards participation, engagement and trigger some kind of behavior. Gamification implies the use of selective stimuli that bring out people’s innate desires for status, achievements, competition, recognition. The way people respond to particular stimuli and the data gathered in the process help companies to gain deep insights  on what  is the key to increased employees motivation, creativity, productivity and performance.


Gamification is a great motivator that nudges people to come up with more innovative solutions to tackle particular problems, design better products and services. Many companies admit that incorporation of gamification into employee reward programs significantly improves productivity at a workplace. Each employee that demonstrates high performance receives some reward or recognition. Employees that are recognized and praised tend to perform better and strive to achieve more. The progress of each employee performance is, usually, displayed on the leader board within a company. This fosters some sort of competition to motivate people to do their best and achieve more. However, when applying stimuli it is important to remember that not all people will demonstrate the same reaction to a particular trigger. While employee recognition can be a powerful driver of motivation, competition itself may have different impact on different people.


There is a great variety of tools and techniques to apply gamification to drive employee engagement and foster innovation. Hungarian-American startup Be-novative created a “brainstorming” tool for companies and individual users that uses behavioral science, gamification and social mechanics to collect and harness intelligence of the team for better problem solving and decision-making. It is widely known that not all employees within an organization are enthusiastic when it comes to sharing ideas. Some employees are firm believers that their ideas aren’t good enough, other employees don't realise how much impact they have on decision-making. As a result, their potential remains untapped. Be-novative removes all biases. It encourages all employees to share their ideas in an anonymous, gamified process. This significantly helps employees unleash creativity ingrained in their DNA in a fun and playfull environment. Employees feel more empowered and more enthusiastic to generate high impact ideas that are the key to innovation.


Be-novative enables employees to feel themselves leaders, changemakers, and your organization benefits from spirit of creativity and sparkling innovation. By sharing and collaborating, employees start marching towards the same vision. In companies, where all employees are driven by passion to contribute to the growth and work on mutual goals, where ideas sharing is being encouraged, continuous innovation is “the side product”. Gamification pulls people towards collective action, helps to create a culture where brainstorming and creative ideas flow.


Be-novative creates synergy of ideas in the brainstorming process. After the ideas are being gathered,  collective evaluation enables selecting the best ideas that are further submitted to the R&D project inside enterprise.


The greatest benefit of using gamification is that people develop ideas together and realise their potential in business. Game mechanics prompts behavior which can’t be triggered in the standard environment. Moreover, it helps employees to learn more about their skills and how creative they can be. Gamification sparks their enthusiasm to work within team and generate breakthrough innovation through collaboration and brainstorming sessions.


The article is written by Natalie Myhalnytska


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