How These 3 Successful Entrepreneurs Approach Hiring Process
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The most critical and, in the meantime, the most challenging task that every entrepreneur has to accomplish is hiring people who can help to execute idea successfully and get startup off the ground. Startup world is like a roller coaster. Success of your venture is impossible without great employees who are passionate about what they do and along with that have courage to step out of the comfort zone to weather and prosper through challenges and hurdles they face in the startup world.

But how to find such employees? And how to identify whether they are truly the right-fit? To find out this, I interviewed 3 entrepreneurs.


Andreas Gschöpf, Startup consultant at INiTS

 “First and foremost, be clear about your own start-up situation at present and the picture of your startup for a possible development for the future. The right candidate, in my opinion, should be flexible, open to new experiences and highly motivated. Moreover, money shouldn’t be the main motivational force for him. Passion towards work is what really matters. I also pay attention to education, experiences and skills of the candidate. To find great employees I’d recommend to start visiting start-up events, career fairs, universities, networking events for entrepreneurs. However, social media also present a host of opportunities to find the right-fit talent. Before hiring the candidate I would ask him to pass some testing phase that will allow us to get to know each other better and learn whether candidate fits the role in real job situation. It is very important to be as honest and open as possible about your expectations and vision of your startup as well as collaboration with a candidate in the long run.”

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George Burgess, Founder and CEO at Gojimo

Being a startup, we're after a certain type of individual with key characteristics that are probably quite different to what a large company would be looking for. We've found that we've had more success recruiting through job boards that specifically recruit for startups. In the UK, for instance, we've had the most success with The people browsing the jobs boards of these type, are specifically interested in working for startups and therefore probably have more of the characteristics that we're looking for. We've found much more suitable talent on these sites than we have on more traditional job boards.

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Philipp Etzlinger, CEO at

“In the hiring process I prefer to rely on personal recommendations, direct talks...and yes: Twitter!!! Via Twitter I'll build personal relations.  It's kind of an assessment center...over a long run. For instance, our new Creative Head was hired that way. Which questions I'll ask? It's more of an informal talk. But the conversation, as it's Twitter, is limited -  each shoot to 140 signs - so you can get into depth quite quickly. I follow people and see if and how they could fit to I'll look at their work (ok, that's easy in case you're looking for a Design guy) and  if it turns out (in case I have the feeling) that the guy could fit into the team I'll ask him directly.” website:


Entrepreneurs were interviewed by Natalie Myhalnytska


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