Meet Eybna, a Global Leader in R&D of Cannabis Terpene Based Solutions [Interview]
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Having one of the most advanced medical cannabis programs in the world and making it quite easy for companies to run clinical trials and research on cannabis, Israel has been able to make notable progress in medical marijuana industry. What’s more, the Ministry of Health in Israel approved the use of medical cannabis for the treatment of serious illnesses including cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain. Currently, over 20,000 Israeli patients are able to take cannabis-based drugs. But, although this trend is on the rise, there is still a long way to go to decriminalizing cannabis and legitimizing industry in Israel.


Until now, most companies in medical marijuana industry used methods of extracting cannabis terpenes – compounds that have medical benefits and are responsible for the scent and flavor of cannabis – that left traces of illegal compounds in cannabis products.


Israeli startup Eybna Technologies, that was founded by Nadav Eyal and Benjamin Eytan and is quickly becoming  a global leader in research and development of cannabis terpene based solutions, took a revolutionary approach that allows Eybna to create cannabis products completely free of illegal compounds. With access to a focus group of 2000 patients, Eybna was able to test its innovation and is already seeing very positive results. What’s more, some of the world’s largest brands and beta partners already demonstrate a growing interest in solutions developed by Eybna.


Magazine MN caught up with Aviv Junno, VP of Business Development at Eybna, to find out more about how Eybna got started, its products and plans for the future.


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Magazine MN: Tell us a bit about how EYBNA got started. What was the inspiration for creating EYBNA?

Aviv: Eybna was founded after a personal loss of the founders to cancer, with the mission of bringing the benefits of cannabis to more patients, by isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains and providing cannabis medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions.


Magazine MN: What products does EYBNA create?

Aviv: Currently, we sell cannabis strain specific terpene profiles as a branded component to selected product manufactures globally - similarly to the “Intel Inside” model - and in the future we will be creating products based on our designed terpene profiles that hold different isolated medical benefits and effects.


Magazine MN: What customers do you target? How can customers benefit from using EYBNA products?

Aviv: The applications of our terpenes are truly endless, but can be divided into two:

  • Adding the taste and smell of cannabis to cannabis associated products.
  • Modulating/Enhancing the effects of cannabis-based products containing cannabinoids.


Magazine MN: What makes EYBNA a game changer in its field?

Aviv: Eybna’s proprietary technology enables the creation of natural strain-specific cannabis terpene profiles that are 100% pure and free of illegal traces, making them 100% legal and shippable worldwide. It means that now it is possible for Eybna to build the world’s first global cannabis brand years ahead of the industry.


Image credit: Avichai Elbaz


Magazine MN: How big is the team of EYBNA?

Aviv: We are the team of 9, and our team is growing very fast.


Magazine MN: What’s the next milestone for EYBNA?

Aviv: Creating the first cannabis products with some of the world’s leading mainstream brands to be distributed globally.


Magazine MN: Do you have any important news to share with our readers?

Aviv: Until today, whole plants, THC and CBD were the main platforms for cannabis products and now Eybna is introducing the new platform for cannabis innovation that is expected to revolutionize the industry.


Magazine MN: Is EYBNA self-funded? Do you plan to raise funds?

Aviv: Eybna has been self-funded for the last 3 years and we are now just about to close our first outside round of financing towards opening our U.S. and EU headquarters in San Francisco and Amsterdam.


Magazine MN: How can our readers get in touch with you?

Aviv: For general inquiries, you can reach out to and one of our team members will get back to you. For investors/journalist, you can reach out directly to me at


Aviv Junno was interviewed by Natalie Myhalnytska


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