Meet Try The World, a Subscription Box Service That Allows to Discover Foreign Cultures Through Food
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Traveling offers us an amazing opportunity to enrich our lives, explore foreign cultures and traditions, experience the taste of local cuisine and immerse in a completely new world full of wonders and excitement. Sir Richard Burton once said, “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” However, our hectic lives make us think of travel as a luxury rather than something we can afford very often.


I  couldn’t  agree more with David Foult and Kat Vorotova, founders of a New York based startup Try The World, when they said, “We all wish we could travel more often, but short vacation times and expensive travel tickets make it near impossible to live that sweet life of luxury.”


As it turns out, it was actually the main reason why Kat and David decided to create Try The World, a subscription box service which curates the best gourmet products  from all over the world and revolutionizes  the way we get to know foreign cultures.


Kat and David believe, “Food is one of the greatest ways to discover new cultures.” By delivering the world’s most exquisite flavors paired with culture guides with music, movies and recipes right to your doorstep, Try The World serves as a “ticket” to the world’s best products and destinations, making them more accessible. No plane tickets or visas are required since Try The World allows you to experience the taste of foreign lands within the comfort of your home.


How Try The World got started

Columbia University graduates Kat Vorotova and David Foult founded Try The World in 2013.


Prior to starting subscription box service, Kat studied in New York City, and gained a practical work experience in such companies as The New York Times, The Paris Times, Thomson Reuters and Weight Watchers. Her passion for food occurred early on when she worked as a consultant in New York City and had a chance to try different international cuisines. She even started her own food blog and dining club for adventurous eaters who were eager to try new dishes from all over the world.


David Foult, who originally comes from France and has a background in finance and entrepreneurship, went to New York to pursue MBA at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. Prior to that, he founded a micro-finance company in Vietnam. While living in Vietnam, he came to realization that local products and stories behind them actually help to understand foreign lifestyles much better.


When Kat and David met at Thai food tasting event in New York City in January 2013, they discovered that they had 2 passions in common: food and exploring new cultures. But, along with that, they realized that every time they got back home after a trip it was almost impossible to find those exquisite products they had a chance to taste in foreign countries. As a result, they decided to recreate the experiences they had enjoyed abroad and share them with others at home. Thus, the idea of creating Try The World was born.


Initially, Try The World was started in an incubator program at Google HQ in New York, where David and Kat, while still doing their MBA’s, assembled their first prototype  Paris Box in about 6 weeks.


But, to everyone’s surprise, the demand turned out to be huge. After they posted on Facebook “Who wants a Paris Box for Valentine’s Day?”, they literally sold out in 2 days.


After such a great success, David and Kat built a team, created a website and launched their subscription service in September 2013.


Since then Try The World community received nearly 1 million items. The company grew from 500 to 50,000 boxes in one year featuring such destinations as France, Italy, Japan, Turkey, India, Morocco, Spain, etc.


Try The World’s team also increased. Now it consists of 20 people who have international background and, just like the company’s founders, are extremely passionate about food and travel.


Try The World: The essentials

Try The World delivers turquoise boxes of delicious  food from a different country every two months.


Each box contains 7 gourmet products that represent a particular country and are curated by celebrity chefs – many of them are Michelin-starred – who know local cuisine very well.


As David and Kat believe, “Food and art are two powerful ways to discover cultures”. Therefore, to ensure that customers will be able to experience the country’s culinary culture the best way possible, Try The World boxes also include culture guide with a story behind each product, easy-to-cook recipes, tips on how to use each product, guide to local music and movies.


Currently, Try The World offers 3 different subscription payment plans:

$39 – pay every 2 months

$105 – pay every 6 months

$198 – pay every 12 months


The shipping is free and subscribers usually receive their first box in 2 weeks.


You can also order gift box without subscribing and customize it according to your wishes – with personalized gift notes or branded packaging.

In 2015, Try The World launched eShop where you can purchase individual items and discover even more products.


Try The World also has its own magazine where you can discover amazing recipes, interviews with chef curators, culture spotlights and stories from community.


Try The World’s special sauce

Try The World closely collaborates with renowned chefs and local experts who curate selection of products for each box to make sure that all gourmet products in its boxes perfectly capture the essence of the country they come from, are authentic  and of the highest quality.


What’s more, each product in the box has a unique history and is made by small, family-owned company who follows solely artisanal methods of production.


The company also asks its community members  to rank countries they would like to be featured in the upcoming boxes.


Although at present Try The World ships only in the US, the company plans international expansion. Try The World aims to deliver boxes featuring every great city in the world, ultimately becoming  the expert curator of the world’s best gourmet food.


Visit Try The World for more details!


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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