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The First Hackaton Dedicated to Tackling Food Waste in Switzerland Will Be Held in Geneva


According to a study by WWF Switzerland and swissinfo.ch, 2 million tonnes of food is wasted or lost every year in Switzerland, making up nearly a third of all Swiss trash. What’s more, 45% of the total amount of food waste is generated by households.


FoodHack Geneva, a 36 hour hackaton that will be held from 29 October to 30 October 2016 in the leading co-working space provider in Geneva Seedspace, is dedicated to shaping the future of food tech and creating solutions to tackle food waste in Switzerland.


The hackaton will bring together 60 talented participants – developers, designers, business people – who will be supported along the way by industry leaders, food waste experts and experienced mentors to create innovative solutions that address the problem of enormous amount of food waste in the country.


At the beginning of the event, participants will pitch their ideas and the teams will be formed around the best ideas. Besides providing an environment for creating new solutions to tackle food waste, FoodHack also aims to highlight and celebrate current initiatives, companies and people across Switzerland who are already working in related areas to eliminate food waste.


Another goal of the event is to raise awareness of food waste and educate public to make conscious decisions when purchasing food. “It’s not only about the impact food waste has on the environment. Food waste also has a negative impact on people's budgets and by making smart choices when it comes to purchasing and storing food, families and individuals can save a considerable amount of money every month,” said Arman Anaturk, FoodHack Geneva co-organizer.


The FoodHack Geneva will also provide a space for participants to learn, improve their skills and get new business contacts.


If you think you have a skill or idea to contribute into making a positive impact on the future of food and food waste, you can apply to participate in hackaton through foodhack.ch.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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1 Carten Bernet   (2016-08-09 3:04 PM)
Great article and awesome initiative, I've just registered and I'm looking forward to the event!

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