This Austrian Startup Revolutionizes The Way We Make Choices
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Choosing between options is usually a challenging and daunting task. What platform is better for blogging: WordPress or Tumblr? Where should I do my MBA: in Stanford or Oxford? As a rule, a greater number of alternatives leads to a greater embarrassment. And we end up poring over online reviews, articles, creating lists with pros and cons. Of course, all the aforementioned methods are time consuming, and they don’t always guarantee a satisfying outcome.


Recently, I have come across a website, which is both a social media tool for ranking your opinion and a fully-fledged platform that allows the crowd to rank the topic of your choice, options and different items (movies, clothes, pictures, places, events etc.). At a first glance, platform reminds us of a quiz or poll, but it has much broader functioning. revolutionizes the way we choose between options: written lists aren’t required anymore, all you need is a couple of minutes to launch your crowdranking and let the crowd rank the options provided by you. And it is completely free.


You are able to create crowdrankings for a variety of topics that belong to such categories as: Beauty, Business, Entertainment, Fashion/Style, Film/TV, Food/Drinks, Games/Toys, Gadgets, Health/Fitness, Holidays/Events, Home/Garden, Kids, Leisure, Literature, Cars, Music, Nature, People/Celebrities, Animals, School/Education, Science/Tech, Shopping, Sports, Travel/Places.


Your crowdrankings may include text, pictures or videos. Platform offers 2 options: you may embed your own text or media files (pictures, videos, presentations) or platform will generate links, pictures and videos directly from such websites as Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube. allows you to choose between options faster and saves your time. Along with it, you are able to embed your crowdranking on your site, blog, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+), e-mail. Platform allows the registered users to communicate via direct messages, comment on the whole crowdranking or individual items. is a perfect place for “creative wizards” and “visionaries” who are intent to showcase their masterpieces, raise awareness for their hobbies, talent, personality, and get feedback. Platform will help “creatives” to define the best location for gigs/exhibition, choose genre of performance, style.


Marketers and advertisers can use platform to gain insights about hot topics, latest trends, tastes of a particular group of consumers, and on the basis of acquired knowledge generate eligible strategy.


Publishers and bloggers can leverage the power of platform for content ranking, engaging readers with posts and tweaking content strategy.


Even housewives will find this platform handy when it comes to choosing between ingredients for pie, home appliances, hair cut styles.


Written by Natalie Myhalnytska

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