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To Hire or Not To Hire? This Austrian Startup Connects Companies With The Right-Fit Talents

It goes without saying that there is a direct correlation between sustained growth  of your business and performance of your team. Your first hires lay the foundation for the company’s culture. Your employees’ values, their behavior, vision and ability to perform in the team – all these things have a direct impact on the development of your business and company’s brand. Therefore, as a business owner you should pay a very close attention to the hiring process.


Before you make decision to hire a candidate, you have to make sure that his/her goals and values are aligned with goals and values of your company. Potential employees should be excellent team players – they may have a diverse background and set of skills, but they should be motivated to work together in order to reach a common goal. Employees should strive to nurture a positive atmosphere within the company, encourage creative flow and collaborative spirit. They should be passionate about their work.


Hiring “right cultural fit” is usually a challenging task. Most often employers encounter the following problem – skills and education of the candidate meet company’s requirements, but character and particular qualities don’t define this person as a perfect match.


It’s quite risky to hire an employee who doesn’t fit in company’s culture. Wrong hire may undermine your business. It may also affect relationship between other employees, tarnish reputation of your business in the eyes of customers and business partners.


If you are struggling in the search for a perfect candidate for a particular position in your company, then recruiting portal MercuryPuzzle has a solution for you. MercuryPuzzle connects right-fit talents with the right companies. This innovative portal offers a set of online tools for self-evaluation. MercuryPuzzle profile assessment tool allows to measure competences of a candidate in terms of management, entrepreneurship and expertise. Candidate is also allowed to test such character traits as responsibility, focus on results, judgment, persuasiveness, leadership and team orientation.


Besides this, this portal allows users to test their skills in 5 categories: calculus, logic, memory, sensory, language. The total results generate a personality map and personalized statistics for each user. This significantly simplifies the process of searching for the right candidate. As an employer you are able to create a company profile on MercuryPuzzle. Simply add company’s requirements, preferences and detailed job descriptions, and portal will generate a smart list for every position your company offers and suggest the best candidates.  In case a MercuryPuzzle user visits your company profile, user will instantly receive a matching score indicating how well he/she fits in company’s culture or the appropriate position.


Among the most renowned recruiters listed on MercuryPuzzle are IBM, Accenture, Acer, Bank of America, Bayer, BBC, Beiersdorf, Bentley Motors, Dale Carnegie Training, Decathlon, Deichmann, Dell, Deloitte, L’Oréal and others.


According to business consultant Jim Collins, “People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” The main and the most important thing that differentiates MercuryPuzzle from other recruiting portals is that it enables companies to make “right hires for the right positions” based not merely on the skills of a candidate, but also on data that reflect his/her personality traits and qualities. Its assessment and matching system ensures the fastest and the most reliable way to find great talents.

Written by Natalie Myhalnytska

MercuryPuzzle website: https://mercurypuzzle.com/

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