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Top 6 Swiss E-commerce Startups to Watch

According to Ecommerce Europe, the Swiss e-commerce sales comprised €12.7bn in 2014 and 4.4 million internet users were online shoppers. The number of e-commerce sales was expected to increase to €13.8 bn in 2015. Among the most popular online shopping destinations in Switzerland are Amazon, Zalando, LeShop, Digitec and Ebookers. The amount of Swiss e-commerce startups is also on the rise.  


Here is Magazine MN's pick of top 6 Swiss e-commerce startups to watch. Five of them are strongly committed to sustainability. Check them out!


1ofa100 – is an exclusive marketplace for people who prefer individuality over mass production. 1ofa100 offers genuine products in such categories as interior design, fashion, lifestyle, art and culture. All products offered on 1ofa100 are in a limited edition, so that customers can be sure that the product they buy is of a high-quality and one-of-a-kind. The team at 1ofa100 carefully selects entrepreneurs, designers, artists and brands who will sell on the platform. One of the selection criteria for designers and brands is their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. 1ofa100 also supports designers or artists with initiatives that have a positive effect on sustainability around the world. 1ofa100 ships its products worldwide.

Website: https://www.1ofa100.com/


Exurbe Cosmetics – is a young cosmetics label founded in Zurich that offers lipglosses, nail polishes and mascaras.  All products offered by  Exurbe don’t contain any unhealthy ingredients, are not tested on animals and are 100% ethically produced. Currently, Exurbe ships to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but the company aims to expand its services to more countries.

Website: http://shop.exurbecosmetics.com/chde/


ArtOfBrands – is a portal dedicated to Brand Art. It offers premium and of the highest quality artworks that are inspired or linked to a “brand”. A “brand” can be a celebrity, a car, sports team, a consumer brand. Among the brand art categories you can find car art, yacht art, fashion art, iconic art, film and TV art, celebrity art, etc. The platform also offers Brand Art reproductions of unique artworks. On ArtOfBrands customers can choose artworks in many formats and sizes. All the artworks are printed by using print-on-demand technologies.

Website: http://www.artofbrands.com/wo-en/


VIU – offers eyewear (optical and sunglasses) for men and women developed by a renowned design studio Aekae in Zurich and sustainably manufactured by a family-owned company based in Italy. For all of its glasses (optical and sunglasses), VIU uses lenses from the leading manufacturer Optiswiss. What’s more, all lenses are anti-scratch, break-proof and equipped with UV protection. VIU also offers a free trial box for its customers – they can order up to 4 pairs of optical glasses and test them at home during 4 days. The customer then can either order one of the pairs, which will be delivered in 7-10 working days, or return the box.

Website: https://de.shopviu.com/en/

KOA  (Key of Aurora) -  is a curated platform that offers hand-made products (accessories, interior design and others) from designers from all around the globe that can be personalized and produced on-demand. All items offered on KOA are of a high quality and are sustainably produced. In addition, you can personalize each item according to your taste in a few simple steps – pick the basic model and then choose material, color and even engravings. The production of personalized item usually takes place in Europe. KOA’s production partners are strongly committed to sustainability and support socially driven projects. KOA ships to countries within the EU, Switzerland, Australia, the US, Canada, Japan, Andorra, Malta.

Website: http://this-is-koa.com/


Carpasus – offers high quality sustainable classic shirts for men. The team at Carpasus believes that “everyone shall be able to dress elegantly without compromising on quality and sustainability.” That’s why Carpasus makes sustainability a priority – all its shirts are made of 100% organic cotton from India. Carpasus is fully transparent about where the cotton comes from and who produces it. The company advocates fair working conditions for the cotton farmers and textile workers, and grants farmers 15% premium for their organic cotton. Carpasus ships goods internationally.

Website: http://www.carpasus.com/


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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