Tractive GPS-tracking Device: Locate Your Pet Anytime, Anywhere
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Pet owners, rejoice ! Now you don’t need to worry where your pet is while walking. Austrian-based company Tractive GmbH created perfect solution for you – GPS-tracking device that enables you to "locate your pet anytime, anywhere”. Pet owners can simply keep doing their work and in the meantime get notified about the current location of their beloved pets. Peace of mind is guaranteed!

All you need is a Tractive GPS-tracking device and PC/Smartphone (Android, iOS) with internet connection. Tractive device has integrated GPS module which tracks the current location of your pet.
Once device is activated through the Tractive website
www.tractive.com/activate, the user has to download Tractive apps ( the Google Play Store for Android, the Apple AppStore for iPhone) to the smartphone and create account for a pet.


To find out whether your smartphone is Tractive compatible follow the link www.tractive.com/compatibility.Tractive provides two apps – Tractive Pet Manager Lite (free version) and Tractive Pet Manager (pro version). Both versions save data on cloud, include feature called "go for a walk” which enables to record and keep track of your walk and share it with friends on facebook. Both versions provide an opportunity to upload pet pictures of your beloved pets, browse and rate pet pictures of other users.

Pro version allows you to add an unlimited amount of pets and pictures to your pets list. It also enables you to manage important information like vet appointments, allergies and etc.


Pet owners can manage pet account also through Tractive website. Once device is activated , account is created, the next step is to attach device to a pet collar. And you can start to locate your pet.

Tractive device has an integrated, non exchangeable sim card which enables communication between GPS device and Tractive Smartphone App/Website.


Tractive device allows you to choose between two tracking modes : GPS tracking and Live Tracking (real-time). When using GPS tracking mode, pet owner receives position notifications every few minutes and data updates are received as soon as pet changes location.

When Live Tracking Mode is activated, every few seconds a signal is sent and pet owners can track beloved pet in real time. In addition to this, pet owner can set "safe zone” settings which serves as a "fence” and every time pet leaves the safe zone set by the pet owner, push notifications are sent on the smartphone.


In case your beloved pet is lost in the darkness you can turn on the remote light on the device using your smartphone and it will definitely help you find your pet and keep it safe during night walks. Tractive device is absolutely waterproof, therefore it is an effective solution for water loving pets and can be used in case of rain.


Written by Natalie Myhalnytska



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