5 Herbs That Help In Boosting Your Stamina
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herbs that boost stamina

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The stress of the modern age can be overwhelming, and we are always searching for new and better ways to deal with it. Things like having a steady sleep schedule and a healthy diet are essential to stress relief, but sometimes, you need something beyond that to help you cope.

Especially in recent years, many people have been handling this issue with herbal supplements, which can help get enough energy and vigor to last a day of work, training, or whatever other activities you have planned.

It goes without saying that taking supplementation should be discussed with a physician if you are currently on prescription drugs.

We’ve put together a shortlist of five herbs (Ashwagandha, Guarana, Shilajit, Green Horn Kratom, and Maca) that could be of much assistance in keeping your energy levels up and getting you through the day.


This hard to pronounce herb is also known as Indian Ginseng, and it has roots in Indian traditional medicine. The rough translation of the name from Sanskrit is ‘smell of a horse,’ and supposedly, it got that colorful name by granting the person who uses it the strength of this noble animal.

It provides multiple health benefits, some of which include:

  • lowering blood sugar levels
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • increasing testosterone and fertility for men

This plant has been used as a medicinal herb for millennia, and its benefits are many. Not only does it lower stress and anxiety levels, but it can also help deal with other problems such as depression.


Kratom is a plant that is indigenous to Southeast Asia, where the local population uses it as a traditional herbal supplement that helps them get through long and exhausting days. 

Green Horn Kratom is a specific type or strain of this ancient plant that is quite rare and sought after. The reason for this is that this herb can help clear the mind quickly and effectively and potentially provide a small energy boost.

The energy boost it may provide is supposed to be different from coffee or energy drinks, as it shouldn’t leave you with an increased heart rate or a jittery feeling in your body.


Guarana is most commonly known for its use in energy drinks, but it can be quite healthy for you when it’s not mixed with all those sugars and chemicals. Of course, taking it in high doses can lead to an increased heart rate, but it has its benefits with the standard dosage.

What provides the energy from this plant is mostly caffeine. It has a concentration of almost twice as much as coffee beans. The benefits of taking guarana extract are increased focus and cognitive capabilities, and alertness, and memory performance.


Shilajit is a blackish-brown sticky substance found on the high mountain rocks of the Himalayas. It takes centuries for it to develop by the slow decomposition of plant life. Even though it is a safe herb, it shouldn’t be consumed raw or unprocessed.

This substance has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, mostly as a way of increasing stamina and vigor, and testosterone levels. The other benefit that it may provide is bringing mental stability and dealing with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).


Maca is a plant native to Peru, where it has been praised as an energy enhancer. The traditional use for it has been to increase fertility in men and improve stamina. It may also help with problems like erectile dysfunction, according to some studies.

It is also said to improve your mood, reduce anxiety levels, and maybe even increase athletic prowess. This plant only grows in the Andes mountain range’s high altitudes, and it has been cultivated by the people there for centuries, if not more.

In Conclusion

The first thing you want to do to improve your stamina is getting enough sleep, as well as having a healthy diet – however, in addition to that, you may also use a healthy herbal supplement.

Do your research, and find what seems to best deal with the issues you are experiencing, and inquire with your physician about the supplement you are thinking of implementing in your daily routine. You should not take supplements on your own, so always consult an expert on these matters to avoid health issues.

All people are different, and we all need something specific to boost our stamina. Apart from the five herbs we listed above, there are many others to choose from. Again, do your research and find something that suits you!


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