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CheckYeti  is a platform that allows to easily search, compare, book and review snow sports providers across the Alps. With more than 1,300 offers by certified ski instructors, ski guides and ski schools, CheckYeti enables holidaymakers and mountain enthusiasts experience winter sports with their perfect guide.

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Zurich-based company miniSchoggi offers individual chocolate bars, pralines and semi-finished products for chocolate enthusiasts. Read the article to learn more about miniSchoggi!

Category: Innovation | Views: 125 | Date: 2015-11-21

Here is Magazine MN's pick of top 6 Swiss e-commerce startups, 5 of which are strongly committed to sustainability. Check it out!

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A Munich-based startup Jaimie Jacobs allows women and men design their own custom made shoes online. Read the article to learn more about Jaimie Jacobs!

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From food e-commerce startups and online marketplaces for handmade items to online fashion stores – here is Magazine MN’s pick of online shopping stores in Germany you need to watch.

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Under the new Work Programme, the European Commission will invest €16 billion for research and innovation during the next 2 years.

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Thomas Tiroch is an Austrian entrepreneur and managing partner at Spectrum Holding GmbH. In this interview, Thomas talks about his business mindset, shares interesting insights from his entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned along the way.

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In this exclusive interview, professional journalist Rudina Hoxha shares personal and professional insights into her career journey, talks about where she finds inspiration and provides tips on how to become a successful journalist.

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Find out why content marketing is important for small businesses and how to get started with it.

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