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In this article, former communication officer at the European Commission and press officer and spokesperson to various diplomatic missions in Brussels Stavros Papagianneas shares 7  actionable tips on how to communicate EU-funded project successfully.

Category: EUROPEAN UNION | Date: 2016-02-08

Magazine MN picked 27 Belgian startups that operate and create innovations in such fields as sustainability, healthcare and biotechnology.

Category: INNOVATION | Date: 2016-02-05

Organic shakes from Vexx Premium Food serve as a healthy alternative to conventional snacks. Vexx shakes help people boost their mental and physical performance thanks to their high nutritional value.

Category: HEALTH | Date: 2016-02-02

In this exclusive interview, Cássio de Sousa Antonio shares insights into how his career as a software engineer evolved, lessons learned and challenges he faced along the way. He also talks about his entrepreneurial experience and a recently published book Pro React.

Category: Exclusive | Date: 2016-01-29

Moneytis, a French fintech startup based in Amsterdam, aims to help people reduce the cost of international money transfers by providing a platform where users can compare and choose the best options to send money abroad.  

Category: FinTech | Date: 2016-01-27

Brussels-based startup Esperity is the world’s first multilingual social media network that connects cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers from around the globe.

Category: HEALTH | Date: 2016-01-24

Greenamity enables individuals and businesses to offset CO2 emissions from their activities and make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change and poverty by planting trees in the most deforested areas on the planet.

Category: SUSTAINABILITY | Date: 2016-01-21

A new booking platform GreenHotelWorld aims to make green traveling a new status quo and empower its customers to be part of the transition to a sustainable economic model.

Category: SUSTAINABILITY | Date: 2016-01-19

Rendity is a Viennese fintech startup that offers the first real estate investment depot in Europe and thus provides investors with a low capital  investment opportunities in the real estate market.

Category: FinTech | Date: 2016-01-15