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As Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”


As the main drivers of economic development, today's businesses are expected to take a role beyond selling goods or services. The rising complexity of social, environmental and economic issues steers enterprises to become active participants in the quest for solutions to these issues. Consequently, businesses have to look for more innovative business models that would allow them to create products and services that are sustainable and have a positive impact on our lives and surroundings. What's more, modern consumers demonstrate a greater awareness towards the aforementioned issues and this influenced their purchasing behaviour. As a result, we can observe that more and more consumers are willing to purchase products or pay for services that benefit society and don't have a negative impact on environment, our health or society on the whole.


Businesses that push the boundaries of traditional thinking, embrace sustainability and take steps to bring the greatest benefits to society are changemakers. My aim is to showcase such businesses and highlight the best practices that allow changemakers to influence our world and lives in a positive way.


Natalie Myhalnytska, founder of Magazine MN   


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