An Overview of Laser Therapy
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One of the most exciting advances in medical technology is called laser therapy. This minimally invasive process provides a number of important health benefits. Before trying a Gentlemax pro laser Manhattan procedure, it is important to know how it works.

What Is Laser Therapy?

This medical treatment uses a low-intensity laser to stimulate healing in certain parts of the body. While lasers used in operating rooms have a high frequency that can cut through cancerous tumors, lasers used for therapeutic purposes utilize a low frequency. Lasers with a reduced frequency put out less energy. Therefore, they do not pose a risk to the body’s tissues. Instead, they are used to trigger healing processes in the body’s cells, helping people recover from injuries and illnesses.

What Happens During a Laser Therapy Treatment Session?

When patients are taken back to the procedure area, the doctor reviews the intended target of the laser therapy. Next, this area of the body is exposed to a beam of light. The body’s cells are going to absorb the laser beam. Typically, the wavelength of light is going to be around 600 or 700 nm or nanometers. If deeper penetration is needed, the wavelength might be turned up to 900 nm. Usually, patients feel the laser as it makes contact with the skin; however, this is silent and limited. Treatment sessions generally last a few minutes.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment Option?

Laser therapy is used by dentists, physical therapists, medical doctors, and chiropractors to treat a wide variety of injuries. For example, athletes who have suffered a ligament sprain or muscle strain may use laser therapy to speed recovery times. It may help reduce pain and improve flexibility, allowing athletes to get more out of each workout.

Furthermore, medical professionals may use lasers to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is common in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and Sjogren’s syndrome.

Finally, laser therapy can also be used to treat numerous skin conditions. Dermatologists can use this treatment to help patients suffering from vitiligo, acne, psoriasis, and even severe burns. Clearly, this innovative therapy has a myriad of applications in healthcare.

Is Laser Therapy an Effective Procedure?

Prior to agreeing to any medical procedure, it is important to review the risks and benefits with a trained medical professional. When this treatment is performed by a trained practitioner, it is safe, quick, and completely painless. 


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