Hospitality Industry in a New Normal Era: Does Growth Mindset Matter?
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hospitality in post-pandemic world

I want to begin by saying that before you think about anything, start by building trust.

The consumers will be expecting a guarantee of sanitary, security and safety measures with regards to where they stay, or what they eat and who transports the food - it’s no longer like before. 

They will not want to find themselves stuck somewhere, so let’s be clear in what we offer. 

People want to enjoy their time once they reach the destination, and if everything is hygienically safe and secure, they will stay longer. Therefore let’s be specific and clear.

I think you and me are no longer going to nearby destinations for short periods - there will be so many requisites to meet, before and upon arrival, that we and our travelers will only decide where to go once the service providers fully confirm and assure us that, at the destination, we are ready with all post-pandemic care.

I wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the mass market and cheap tourism? Lots of people stuck together in the same place have never been so good for any product; in a short and medium term, it spoils the quality products and in the end all go for low profit margins, but with big efforts. Let’s then aim high on the post-pandemic world. 

Wasn’t this already a trend before this crisis? One just needs to look into tourism Magazines and top TV channels, as well as several other write-ups about the mass tourism in places like Venice, Rome, Paris, London, Everest, just to name a few.   

My assessments are that the new immediate trends will be about travelling less but for longer periods, looking for and respecting and exploring the destination, the local population, traditions, culture and being “excited” to buy art and crafts, enjoy the local products, getting to know the locals and generate value for local citizens.  Are you ready for it? 

Albania is a great choice for everyone, because it can address all the issues, including the ‘mass tourism’, and combines a great and vast variety of environments, undiscovered sites and mountains, rivers, sea coast, culture sites among the small undiscovered caves, shelters from the last eras, the natural lakes, exotic birds and OMG so many others.

Albania is still waiting for you. So don’t give up, change the dates, and keep dreaming, like we dream of welcoming you. Set your mind to it.             

This is the time and the opportunity to directly promote the remote vast countryside, virgin beaches and regions with help and support of the local guides, making them feel belonged and also providing them the hope that they were and still are dreaming of.  

There is so much potential in every place we go or where we stop for a quick snack that we immediately feel like not going further, but the further we go, the more enchanted we get and our dreams grow bigger, and the desire of returning gets so big that we don’t want to leave anymore. 

The pandemic crises will end one day - nothing is forever, not even our lives. Together we will find a way out of this crisis, and, like any other crisis, we will be stronger and more convinced of going the same but in a different way - it only helps us in many ways. It is a complex puzzle, yes it is, but all Tourism and Hospitality people have such a “shell” that the turn around to find solutions will be developed and survival will be found, and sooner than expected we will be up and happy running, here and there again, as we say.  

But I also would recommend to all of us not to be naive and hope for a simple end of the crises, or to do the same of the same again. We all must work hard for a long-lasting solution to post-pandemic or new era operations and functions and provide the tourists and the visitors with confidence and assure them that their choice was the right one.

'Like I usually say, this is not a crisis, this is a mindset revolution.

It is maybe an unprecedented crisis during our era, but it is so interlinked with the changes and aspirations that we are already putting a fast motion to it. Some are so obvious that we didn’t notice them during the past times due to things being so easily developed or created. 

Others are now being identified due to the pressure that we were put in and, for sure, if we trust ourselves, we are on the way to great, durable and long-lasting innovative solutions.

tourism in a post-pandemic world                                 

This is just a matter of setting our minds to the new era mode operandus. There are no doubts in my mind that we will survive this crisis. We will find a way out for sure, but again we must pull together, help each other and be attentive to all opportunities and factors in and around the Hospitality, Hotel, Travel, and Aviation. 

Don't ever give up, or give in, regardless of your state of mind. Don't ever stop trying. The more you try, the better it will be. And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off. I mean don’t be afraid to start again.

Never feel threatened or intimidated by the success of others. You must interpret it both as “light” or antidote to your success.

Never, ever, ever give up. Make your business flourish and be great again. For centuries, the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism have overcome any crises as history shows. Now, perhaps, it’s a little more difficult since we are within a combination of personal health and safety, economic and financial crises are affecting most of us. 

I don’t want to say all of us since the wealthy will remain wealthy and many of us will be so “fragile” that it will take time to recover, but we will recover and soon will be at our feet once again working to become as successful as in the past.               

Let’s admit that for many years, all processes, values, as well as our financial, economic systems and procedures have been very much under pressure but little or nothing was done to redo it or to innovate. On the contrary, we have become so ‘techno’ that we forgot that the human values and friendship do exist - they have become utility with a value. 

Now it’s the time once again look at each other for help, for solutions, new models, or perhaps revive the old values, traditions, give once again value to our ancient culture, be more social even with ourselves and family, know who are our next-door neighbors and also to get closer to a member of our not so distant family and friend. I mean rediscover them - perhaps, there we find solutions too. What a revolution in humankind!

We are a civilization that loves discovery, innovation, curiosity, culture, and adventure. We surpass any of our ancestors I must say. Therefore, I would say that I’m very positive that we will be on the move soon, but let’s focus that the new travel discovery will not be like in the past. 

The new normal era travelers will demand much more from us than just a pair of gloves, mask and 60 % gel or a sanitizing product to clean surfaces, distance between tables or sun lounges, or even no food buffets displays, etc. 

We would better be prepared for more than that. We must be sustainable and assertive in our promises, in what we do to ensure the tourists’ health, safety and security at all times. 

Remember – don’t let the fixed mindset define who you are.

I’m ready to collaborate with you and together with you - let’s try to identify our road to success.

Written by Jose Pinto


About the Author

José Pinto is the Founder of JP Hospitality.EU and Trailblazing Magazine. He is a dynamic, passionate, internationally astute hospitality & Financial Business Leader. A Cornell University alumni with a Master Certificate in Hospitality Essentials and several other complementary trainings and courses in Six Sigma, Insead Administration and Management School. Awarded with the ITT Harold’s Genin Award for the Most Creative & Innovative Management, as well as the Middle East Grand Winner President Award for Sheraton Hotels International.

Mr. Pinto has a vast experience of administrating and operating 5 star and luxury branded Hotels / Resorts and Multi-Functional Units, Owner and Investor advisor within the 5 continents. His experience is also extensive in creating and developing new Hotel and Hospitality concepts, transform /improve performance towards better profitability and return on investment either on Consultancy or Freelance. 

Alongside with its associated partners, J.P. Hospitality can provide a wide variety of services for Site concept Development, Hotel Operations Review, link to the best Tour & Travel, Event planning, Logistics, MICE , Legal service for private, corporate, etc. J.P. can recommend, advice and introduce the most suitable International Brand Chains for your ongoing or future project. We can liaise, operate or be the caretaker of your property unit or development project, assuring the best performance. 

He is a believer that without leadership, team work, passion, hard work, full dedication to employees and guests/customers, no mission or vision can be met. You can find him on LinkedIn.



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