How To Find Your Next Career Pursuits And Change Professions
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Changing careers is normal as various reasons contribute to this change. This could be because of a change in interests and career goals, a desire to earn higher or to grow. According to Statista, In the United States, 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August 2021. 

Changing careers can be tasking and you may lack proper guidance on how to move forward. Therefore, in this article, we fill you in on the reasons behind career change, how to find your next career pursuit, and how to change careers.

Reasons Why People Change Career

Some people may have found themselves unsatisfied with their current career, others may have found themselves out of work and looking for a new path. Below are some common reasons people change careers.

The Need to Grow

When there is little or no room for growth or advancement in a career, it can lead to the decision to change a career. People change careers because they want to grow; they don’t want to stagnate in their current position.


Most people don’t want to stay in a career where they aren’t making enough money. A high-paying career is the aim of every person, the higher the salary the more attractive the career. People change careers for a better paying career. 

Career Satisfaction

Career satisfaction is the contentment employees feel or derive from their various careers. According to Indeed, 81 percent of workers who plan to start a new career do so because they are unhappy in their current careers. Employees love to feel good about their work, be challenged, and get acknowledgment for their contributions. If they don’t have career satisfaction, this can lead to a career change. 

Bad Leadership

People feel the need to change careers because of the presence of bad leadership. Bad leaders can have a negative impact on employees, lowering their productivity and creating a toxic work environment. This type of leadership can actually cause people to change careers, especially if they work in a toxic environment for too long.


Another factor that influences career change decisions is a career's flexibility. People at every stage of their careers want greater flexibility to accommodate their non-work lives. Everyone desires a work-life balance, and if their current career does not provide it, they will switch to a flexible career that does.

Career Goal

When employees start their careers, they have certain goals in mind. Those goals might be to earn a certain amount of money, achieve a certain level of prestige, or work in a certain field. As time goes by, those goals might change and employees will change careers if their current career does not help them achieve their career goals.

How To Find Your Next Career Pursuit And Change Professions

Changing careers requires you to discover your next career path, which requires a few steps, decisions, and assessments. To find the next career pursuit you have to take the following steps:

Take A Self-Assessment Test

Take a self-assessment test by asking yourself some questions about your interests, values, and personality traits which include hobbies, religious and social values, financial goals, creativity, and team spirit. Also evaluate your skills, talents, attributes, strengths, and level of education. 

Make A List Of Your Choices

There are countless career opportunities available today which could produce more options for you. After taking your assessment tests and you have your result, you have to make a list of your choices whether they are tangible career opportunities or career paths.


After making your list of choices, take some time to research the career opportunities that match the result of your assessments. There are millions of opportunities today, start researching for the best match and create a shortlist after which you can arrive at one or two career paths, you would be delighted about, would match your result, and tick all your boxes.

Acquire More Skills And Update Your Profile/Resume

Once you have created a shortlist or narrowed your list to one or two career paths, you must assess whether you will require additional training, skills, or credentials to determine your qualification for the career path, and you must update your profile to reflect your relevant strengths and skills. You can acquire training to stay in demand in the job market by attending online bootcamps like Flatiron School, Thinkful, Springboard, General Assembly, and App Academy.

Set Goals

Once you have created a shortlist or narrowed your list to one or two career paths, you must assess whether you will require additional training, skills, or credentials to determine your qualification for the career path, and you must update your profile to reflect your relevant strengths and skills.

Seek Advice/Career Counseling   

When deciding to change careers, seeking advice from family and friends could help in your decision-making. However, you should make your decision based on your self-evaluation, interest, and skillset. 

The best advice you would get if needed is from a professional career counselor, who will help you better understand yourself and your chosen career path. Career counseling gives you good advice by understanding your motivations and interests as well as a better opportunity to explore different options and a clear understanding of yourself.

Identify Your Pursuit and Take Action

Identify your next pursuit and take full action by applying for jobs, and working with your goals and plans. Create an intensive action plan for your career, which could be long-term or short-term. Action plans highlight your strengths and weaknesses and can help you prepare for future challenges in your career. 

Should I Find My Next Career Pursuit And Change Professions?

Yes, you should consider finding a new career pursuit if you have evaluated yourself and lack the proper job satisfaction needed to move forward in your current job role. If you are feeling uninspired or unmotivated at work, it is not uncommon to start thinking about whether you should change careers or look for a new job.

Finding the right career path can be a daunting and difficult journey. Many people go from one job to the next in search of something that matches their interests and skill set. Changing careers is a big decision. However, don’t panic. You have plenty of time to find the right path. In fact, you can view this as an opportunity to explore new interests and skills.


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