The Importance of Artisan Jewellery
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Everything we purchase has an impact on our environment, including the jewellery we choose to wear. Now that people are making more conscious choices, we take a look at artisan jewellery and why it’s a more sustainable option when you are looking to buy accessories.

What is artisan jewellery?

An artisan is someone who is skilled in a particular trade or craft, such as jewellery making, so artisan jewellery refers to pieces that have been handmade by such an individual. Rather than purchasing mass-produced pieces from high-street brands, artisan jewellery is a fantastic way to support talented people around the world.

Artisan jewellery can be made from a number of materials but is often made with precious metals such as silver and gold and natural gemstones to create truly beautiful and high-quality pieces.

The label ‘artisan’ is often applied to products such as jewellery and ceramics to make them sound more appealing to customers, but it should only be referred to as such if it has been handmade by someone who is skilled in their craft.

Why is artisan jewellery important?

I believe that artisan jewellery is a far better option if you are looking to acquire some new pieces in your life. Here are some of the reasons why.

Allows you to support talented craftsmen and women

Many artisans learn their craft at a young age and the skills are passed down through the generations, providing opportunities to continue doing what they love. When you purchase a piece from an artisan, you are directly rewarding their hard work and talent - giving credit to their artistry. Artisan jewellery is often sold by small and independent businesses too, so you can feel good about supporting them over big names.

More sustainable than fast fashion jewellery

Fast fashion often focuses on clothing, but there is an environmental cost to mass-produced jewellery too. When people buy fashion pieces just to wear a few times and then discard, this has a negative impact on our planet. Plus, mass-produced jewellery can use vast amounts of energy, and the production process may not be entirely ethical. 

Instead, you should consider investing in a few timeless artisan pieces that you can truly be proud of and wear for a long time to come.

Your jewellery will be unique and beautiful

One of the best things about artisan jewellery is that, since each piece is made by hand, they will all be slightly different, so you can think of yours as one-of-a-kind. Unlike factory-produced jewellery, no two pieces are completely alike!

Each piece has been handmade and is high-quality

A great deal of care goes into making every single piece of artisan handmade jewellery. The attention to detail from talented artisans is unrivalled because of the pride they take in their art, and so you can be sure that you will have a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time. They always use high-quality materials and the jewellery is far more intricate than anything produced in a factory. 

Jewellery should be high-quality, unique and beautiful, not just a fashion piece that can be easily thrown away. Next time you are looking to add a new piece to your jewellery wardrobe, try artisan-made.

Written by Milina Lunavat


About the Author

Milina Lunavat is a London-based jewellery designer who works with artisans to create beautiful and timeless jewellery. Her brand, Milina London, has enabled many small, remote artisans to share a wonderful heritage of skills from around the world.


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