Tired of Fast Fashion? 5 Tips to Becoming a Green Fashionista
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Fashion allows you to express yourself in many ways. It gives you a sense of individuality and even boosts your confidence. Things change when you learn about fast fashion and the bad practices associated with it, like unfair labor, waste, and unsustainable practices. The good thing is you can change your relationship with fashion by becoming a green fashionista with the following tips.

1. Reusable Fashion

One big change you can make regarding your fashion is to buy used. Even if the clothes aren't eco-friendly, by buying used clothes, you aren't contributing to the problem. Those items have already been produced. No additional pollution was created, and no additional natural resources were used to make these items.

Buying used items is kind of fun; you get to resurrect old trends and go on a treasure hunt to see what's out there. Plus, you get to buy more than you thought possible. Used clothes are usually cheaper than newer clothes. You can walk out of a thrift store with a bag of new clothes for what you would have paid for one or two new outfits. That's a win for everyone, and that's good.

2. Sustainable Twist

The next thing to worry about is sustainability. Fast fashion is notoriously bad at this, but if you want to be greener, you need to be better. The good thing is there are several things you can do to be more sustainable regarding your fashion. Going for used items is one thing, but you can also rethink some of the things you purchase.

You want to look for brands that make a point to offer sustainable clothes or accessories. There are many options now, like sustainable fine jewelry if you love adding shine to your ensembles. The planet can't afford the waste that fast fashion practices make.

3. Greener Materials

The materials you choose to invest in have a big impact on the planet. You're going to have to become more aware of the materials you choose to use. For example, wool is sustainable since the sheep regrow that hair. Granted, you should make sure the sheep are treated well.

Those who are trying to stay away from animal-sourced materials can turn to organic cotton or linen. Linen should be highlighted here because it's not only a reasonably priced material; it's very eco-friendly. The reason has to do with the way it is grown. It requires a lot less water compared to other materials in the textile world. You should also know that linen is quite breathable, making it the perfect material for summer.

4. Choosing to Swap

Subscriptions are another way to fight fast fashion. In essence, you're renting used clothes at a fraction of the price you would have paid for the outfits. Since it's much cheaper, you can consider joining a subscription service that allows you to wear high-end clothes.

The good thing is that you aren't buying anything; you're just borrowing from others. You can reduce the size of your wardrobe, preventing waste as you go along. If you start getting rid of some of the clothes in your house, be sure to donate them rather than throwing them away.

5. Repairs Matter

At some point, that beautiful dress, gorgeous pair of shoes, or favorite pair of jeans is going to have problems. Normally, fashionistas can't handle that and throw these items away or give them to someone. You don't need to do that. You can turn to seamstresses, tailors, and shoe repair specialists.

You're going to turn to these folks because your clothes, shoes, or accessories still have some life. Since they still have some life, you can repair them and avoid buying something to replace them. This is the green thing to do, and you still get to keep your favorite piece of clothes or favorite accessory. Fast fashion made everyone forget that things could be repaired, but you're doing your part now.

Being a green fashionista is about changing habits and rethinking the way you shop. It's not hard to do. It does take some adjustments, but the planet is worth saving.


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