What Kind Of Clothes You Should Wear For Yoga
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Are you going to practice yoga? If so, your outfit is one of the essentials you should take care of! It’s widely known that clothes and footwear play a very important role in the sports life. When you want to run a marathon, sports trainers are a must-have, going to a fitness club requires suitable sportswear, and visiting a swimming pool is impossible without a swimsuit. The same is relevant for yoga. The problem of clothes for yoga disturbs those who want to practice yoga for the first time. Remember that it's not about fashion – it’s about your comfort! That`s why we want to help you in clarifying what kind of clothes you should wear.


Common Rules

Let's start with the common rules for both men and women. Yoga is considered to be relaxing, so comfort and fit are the keys. It’s difficult to do exercises or relax while feeling any kind of discomfort.

The fabric of the outfit also deserves our attention. Cotton, bamboo, and jersey are so-called “breathing types of fabric”, which are better to choose when buying clothes for your yoga class. The outfit also shouldn't be transparent. Choose the sportswear that allows for free movement, hugging your body shape.

Besides, a lot depends on the type of yoga class, so it would be better to consult with your yoga coach before starting.



Yoga Clothes For Women

Yoga clothes for women include tops without long sleeves. You have to do a lot of movements with your arms so that the sleeves are definitely inappropriate! The T-shirt is allowable (remember about natural fabrics!).


But the best variant is a sports bra. It can help you to stay cool (this is especially relevant for such type of yoga as Hot Yoga) and relaxed (you mustn’t constantly fix your clothes). But sometimes you have to wear light pullover or hoodie (for example for Lyengar Yoga).


What about pants? Yoga coaches advise wearing pants, which are not too baggy. It's better to choose special yoga pants, leggings or capris. They should have a mid or high waist. But you can also choose shorts (e.g. for Hot Yoga).


Yoga Clothes For Men

Men have less choice, they can be in T-shirts or even shirtless (during Hot Yoga). As well as women, men can wear hoodies for specific yoga classes. Pants should be of medium length, not very tight but not too loose at the same time. It’s also possible to wear sports shorts.


Final Tip

Everything concerning the footwear is completely up to you. It is possible to be in sports shoes (but only in comfortable ones!) as well as just in socks, or even without any footwear to feel more comfortable.

Follow our tips and you’ll definitely enjoy your yoga class!

Guest post by Helen Rogers


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