Top Countertop Designs for a Fresh Start of the Decade
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Kitchen countertops are now one of the determining factors on the value of a home in today’s real estate industry. The industry is now focusing on the property's overall quality when determining its value.


Countertop: Why It’s Important

The kitchen is widely considered as the busiest part of the house. Given this fact, it is only reasonable for every homeowner to invest in kitchen units that could satisfy most of their daily needs. In the case of a countertop, it serves as an integral area to accommodate the needed space for preparing meals.


While the function of kitchen countertops is already enough for most people to get more interested in installing one for their homes, we are now living in a different age. The kitchen’s appearance is now an essential factor in many aspects of modern life. A beautiful kitchen can boost a home’s real estate value. Because there are no noticeable signs of disorganization around, it could uplift the mood of the owner leading to a better lifestyle.


Quartz countertop works well because:

  • It possesses non-porous properties, which could help resist stains
  • It repels the accumulation of bacteria
  • Has a luxurious look to it, further taking the elegance of a kitchen to the next level
  • Has the same durability as concrete and granite, making it safer against chips and cracks?
  • Can give you access to a broader range of color choices


The kitchen will be checked on since it contains several essential factors that promote a positive real estate value for the property, especially since it is one of the most used spaces in a home.


Kitchen countertops will naturally receive damages over time, which makes it necessary to maintain them and to give them a makeover from time to time. People can pick from quartz, marble with patterns, countertops with sinks, recycled countertops, and concrete countertops when outfitting their kitchens with a new countertop.


It's essential to make the kitchen visually appealing while remaining functional to ensure that the home will have a positive property value. For more information, see this infographic by Best Kitchen Countertops.





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