Top Romantic Getaways for Active Couples
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With spring and summer right around the corner, Car Rentals put together a collection of the top 19 getaways across the U.S. for a romantic road trip. The cities selected were based on availability of recreational activities for couples, notable sites, overall atmosphere of each location and, of course, romantic lodging options - so get ready for a swoon-worthy road trip!


The article covered four geographical regions: West Coast, Mountain, Central and East Coast with roughly 5 destinations chosen per region so we’re positive you’ll find a scenic town near you.


Once you get to planning a trip with your significant other, be sure to also check out the helpful tips below! Whether it’s your first trip together or you simply want to make sure this getaway goes smoothly, these tips are sure to come in handy.


Planning a Trip for Two

If you’re planning your first trip together with your significant other, it’s important to keep the planning and itinerary of your trip as balanced as possible. Having an equal say and work put into the planning will ensure that you both have a good time and avoid that feeling one put in more effort than the other.


Split your itinerary evenly so that you both end up having a trip you enjoy. Settle on restaurants, hotels, and activities and most importantly, a budget ahead of time.


Below are a few more tips.


romantic trip


Keep reading to check out some of the highlights from the top 19 most romantic destinations in the U.S. for outdoorsy couples.


Romantic Stops Along the West Coast

The West Coast is the perfect place for couples who like a little bit of everything. If you love dreamy sunsets, walking along sandy beaches or scenic hiking trails, you’re sure to find a good spot below on the West Coast.


Bend, OR

If you’re looking for some city life with tons of outdoor recreational activities, Bend is your best bet. Surrounded by walking trails, wilderness areas and stunning old volcanic sites this small city is sure to keep you both connected with nature. The surrounding areas of Bend also house lava caves, waterfalls, alpine lakes and tranquil neighborhoods for plenty of romantic excursions.


During the warmer summer months, plan a picnic by the beautiful Paulina Lake or go during the winter for some skiing.


West Coast


Romantic Stops in the Mountain Region

From the colorful and quirky art scene in Santa Fe to the gorgeous red rocks in Moab, a trip to any of these destinations below is sure to provide you with tons of adrenaline-filled experiences and sights.


Sedona, AZ

Another perfect destination for stunning rocky terrain and a small-town feel. Great for couples that enjoy nature and warm sunsets, Sedona is a dream spot for an outdoorsy-type getaway. You’ll both be able to hike through easy and challenging rocky trails or watch the star-filled skies during the nighttime.


Mountain region


Romantic Stops in the Central Region

For those of you who live in Texas, Tennessee, Luisiana or any other central state, a romantic destination and delicious local cuisine is basically guaranteed. Head to one of these cities that are sure to surprise you with their warm hospitality and vibrant culture.


Fredericksburg, TX

Near the center of Texas, the city of Fredericksburg is known for its wineries, upbeat culture and small-town feel. Be sure to visit a few of its famous wineries, flower farms and delicious restaurants. Because of its German heritage, you’ll find a few restaurants offering German cuisine as you walk down their historic Main Street.


To get the full small-town experience, opt for a cabin or family-owned bed and breakfast.



Romantic Stops on the East Coast

If you’re looking to spend a weekend on white sandy beaches, bike riding by the boardwalk or taking part in fun watersports, the East Coast should be on your list.


Shenandoah Valley, VA

Perfect for couples who like to wine and dine but also enjoy a little outdoor adventure. Shenandoah is home to charming mountain towns, wineries, delicious restaurants and some pretty spooky but cool caverns. If you’d like some adrenaline, zipline through Bear Mountain during your visit!


Take in the city’s charm by walking through its historic district or visiting one of its many serene parks.


East Coast


Now you’re ready to hit the road with your date and have an unforgettable trip.



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