Why You Need to Hire Moving Companies Before You Move
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Relocating is an exciting and stressful time. Moving is a complicated process that involves much planning. So much has to be done before you can move into your new home. Renovations and preparations need to happen. Confirmation on dates and times need to be made. Boxes need to be packed. 

Your valuable and personal belongings need to be sorted. Before you say hello to your new home, you must say goodbye to the old. So much is happening prior to the move. Then, you leave it up to the final day to rent a truck and try to make the move yourself. Then, it becomes apparent to you that hiring someone to help will make the job so much easier. However, now you do not have the time to sort through all the moving companies out there to find the one that will work for you. 

Reasons to Hire Prior to Moving Day

Hiring one of the first moving companies that pop up in your Google search is convenient, but may not be the most reliable. After all the careful planning you did in preparation for your move, consider the investment in a quality mover to be just as important. You will save yourself much time, stress, money, and loss of valuable property by choosing the right moving company. But, choosing the right one takes time and effort. It cannot be done properly at the last minute. 

Price Search

Of course, the cost is the most influential factor in choosing a moving company. But, be wary of hiring the most inexpensive. To save money, you could be sacrificing insurance and experience. A cheap moving company may not have enough resources to cover overhead, such as proper moving equipment, safety aides, and enough staff to ensure your valuables make it to where they are going in one piece.

Reviews and References

Sometimes the best information is gathered from a source separate from the actual moving companies. Reviews and referrals are some of the most reliable ways to vet someone. Most reviews can be found on the internet, but be wary of the ones that are on the business's direct website. These reviews are sometimes posted by close friends or by the business owners themselves. If any complaints have been made about them, the Better Business Bureau may have records that you can access online.

Many community forums that are on the internet provide a great source of information. Other people that have already done the job of finding a mover can give you advice on what to look for and can even pass on the treasure of a moving company that they used. Finally, you could flat out request references from the moving companies and research how well of a job they did by that route.

Equipment and Supplies

The number one reason to hire a mover, rather than do it yourself, is because of the convenience. Moving companies have people to lift heavy items, moving equipment, trucks, boxes, blankets, straps, and more. Consider what your specific needs are before moving day and consider these in your vetting process. 

First, consider the distance you are moving. Some moving companies will load and unload your rental truck used in long-distance moves. But, other movers offer the truck and manpower based on a move within the business area. 

Moving companies tend to price their services based on the number of rooms or the square footage of the home. So, consider the size of your move when searching for a moving company. The movers you choose need to have the proper size trucks and moving dollies.  Also, you do not want to pay for more than you need. 

Also, check to see if the moving company uses straps and cord to secure unstable pieces, blankets, and/or other forms of protection to keep your fragile items safe. Some offer to even pack the boxes for you and provide the boxes to do it! Finding out what the moving companies offer, will help you find the mover that best fits your needs. 

Help with Vetting Moving Companies

Vetting all the choices and sorting through all the possibilities takes time and effort. There are so many options and not all the choices are even easy to research. You say to yourself, "I wish there was an easier way to find a mover near me." Well, there is an easier way. With a third-party company or concierge type organization, you can save time and money.

A company like Get Your Quote will take care of the vetting process for you. They have already done the legwork and they know what experience and professionalism look like. They are familiar with movers and moving companies in your area. Get Your Quote will filter through these contractors, looking for the ones that offer quality and value at a reasonable cost. Get Your Quote can provide you access to many other benefits, such as moving services, insurance, and home security. This will get you moving companies you can depend on, without the hassle, and with tons of perks.


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