10 Essential Steps to Creating a Designer Bathroom in Your House
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For all those who love luxury and novelty at all stages of their lives, everything has to be pleasant and magnificent! To aspire to achieve the same while designing one’s home in the most ravishing way is understandable. And when it comes to desiring a life in the lap of luxury, the same plushness should reflect even in the bathrooms. Yes! The entirely personal space you possess wherein you unwind, relax and freshen up for the day’s activities should, in fact, be the most luxurious space in your home. A bathroom can be as special as a personal sanctuary, and that is why it demands a great amount of attention and sophistication while designing it!


Designing a washroom can be a very personal affair, and that is why most of us often feel intimidated when planning the space. A challenge in designing a bathroom comes from the fact that care should be taken for both functionality and aesthetics. Who doesn’t love to soak in a refreshing bath in a fragranced ambience while soft music plays around? Who needs a spa getaway, when you have such a bathroom in your home?!


A step by step guide to creating an enchanting bathroom

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more that goes into designing a bathroom than buying taps and installing faucets! You pay a little extra attention in selecting the perfect baths and getting done the most solid waterproofing in Auckland, and you’ll love your refreshment time! And if you just went wrong here and forgot some important aspects in plumbing or chose the wrong bath, you’ll be stuck in a stinking, congested and unbearable washroom for years! Sounds ewww, isn’t it?


Let’s not be a victim of such an unfortunate situation, and follow the below guide properly to get your dream bathroom turned into reality!


Cut out a lavish space for your bathroom

A bathroom can actually be called a “bathroom” when it’s a room by every sense, not a cubicle. We know some houses allot a really small space for the washroom, but if you are building it, you can always extend a few feet and make it bigger. If you have ample space and permission from the officials, go for a larger space that can fit in everything you desire in your dream bathroom.


Get it plumbed by experts

An expert plumber would take care that the plumbing lines are efficient and functional, and also help you arrange your pipelines really well. These are the ones who would lay the foundation of your drainage and water supply system. Make sure they know their work well and you are supervising them closely so that you know if anything’s not right.


Choose some spectacular tiles

The bathroom flooring impacts its look the most. A well-fitted, good-looking tile gleams like a mirror on the floor. Marble flooring or a ceramic tile available in fabulous colours and designs would look enchanting in your bathroom. For the best tiles in Tauranga, check Tiles Depot. They have got a fabulous collection and range of hundreds of variants in tiles that would add spark and glamour to your bathroom, making it look rich and elegant.


bathroom design


Wall tiles

Available in lavish designs and charming hues, wall tiles have a history of glamming up the bathrooms exceptionally well - be it of a queen or a maiden. Contrasting the shade of wall tiles with the floor ones would make a coordinated looking bathroom!


Choose the bath wisely

A bath shouldn’t be too small that you would be cramped in it or too big that can feel like swimming in a pool. You just need a cozy shell to soak in amidst your favourite flavoured bubbles in a spectacular space! Choose the one with a beautiful shape and appropriate size.


Exquisite wall art

Some artistic creations on the wall hung just opposite the bath can give you something attractive to gaze at while you indulge in your favourite space. Be sure to choose the masterpiece to hang out there personally. You don’t want to stare at a boring picture all that time, do you?


Showpieces and plants on shelves

Showpieces on the shelves can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. It would make the space look more presentable, and if you love artificial or natural flowers and adorn the space with those in vases, it would add some more magic to your bathroom.


Dream faucets and showers

The main workers for a pleasant time in your bath are the best quality taps and showers. Designer faucets are available in plenty and make any kind of bathroom look attractive. And showers in various types and shapes placed in the right position are enough to make your day start in a refreshing manner.


Mirror on the wall

You just can’t imagine a bathroom without a mirror! You obviously have to ask your bathroom mirror whether you are still the most beautiful person after every bath! And if not that, a gaze on it after a face wash is but necessary!


Sweet little washbasin

A cute little piece of wash basin in any attractive shape and design matching the colour of your bath would look enchanting in your bathroom.


If these steps are followed well, we are sure you’ll be spending most of your time in your bathroom! Oh, and while you are at it – remember to blend in some storage spaces for those towels, linens and robes. Also, get electric work done properly to enjoy the convenience of gadgets like hair dryers, trimmers, shavers, etc.



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