10 Smart DIY Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Furniture
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There’s nothing like a DIY project to get you going. Upgrade your home by choosing smart furniture and save some money while you’re at it.


repurpose old furniture


When we talk about DIY smart furniture, we must underline the satisfaction that one gets after finishing a DIY project. That feeling of pride for your smart furniture achievement will boost your energy for days. If a piece of furnishing has lost its look or structure, that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away and buy a new one.


Although the furniture is an important part of your home, we all know that nothing lasts forever, especially wood. Thus, it would be a good idea to develop some smart furniture crafting skills that, surely, will prove themselves handy in future situations. Creativity has no limits, and we are certain you will find endless possibilities after reading this article that, maybe, you wouldn’t have seen in the past. After you’re done with your smart furniture project, you can sit down, relax, and play some fixed Book of Ra. Sounds good, right?


No Special Skills Required

For making smart furniture, you will need a little bit of creative thinking and a couple of DIY skills to bring those ideas to life in a nice-looking way. Why not have some fun creating smart line furniture and, at the same time, save some money in the process? After all, we are all trying to economize, and repurposing your old furniture is a perfect way to achieve that.


We went around the Internet, looking for smart furniture ideas, and have seen some of the most creative and funny ways to repurpose old furnishing, even for pets. So, stick around and find out what the most inventive DIY ideas are that you can apply while controlling your budget.

Coffee Table Made From an Oil Barrel

In the last few years, regarding smart furniture, industrial décor has been sticking more and more, and people adopted this interior design trend. Create some smart bedroom furniture: just take an old battered oil barrel, saw it in half, add a touch of paint with your favorite colors, and finish this piece of art with a glass top on it.


Towel Rack Made From a Surf Board

Looking for some smart furniture to make your bathroom more interesting? Contrary to popular opinion, the storage in your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be uninspiring and utilitarian. Take an old vintage surfboard or a skateboard if your bathroom doesn’t have so much space, and just attach a few hooks to hang your towels.


Globe Wall Clock

Take that old globe from your attic and create a beautiful wall clock with a handful of accessories that you find at any general store. Smart furniture for small spaces can be quite a challenge, but this will fit right in.


Painted Floral Coffee Table

A good idea to create smart office furniture is to take that old coffee table from the corner of your office and paint a beautiful, stylish floral design on it. Make sure you sketch your design in pencil first, before going for the paint.


Outdoor Plant Display – Smart Furniture for Your Garden

Take that unused side table stored somewhere in your garage, give it a nice yellow splash of paint, and it becomes a good plant display for you to put it in your garden proudly.


Guitar Case Shelves

If you are smart furniture passionate and own a guitar that has gone out of shape, just strip it to the carcass. Then add two or even three shelves inside of the carcass, and display your favorite trinkets on it.


Book Knife Block

Take some of those old books that you keep ignoring and place them on your kitchen counter for storing your knives between the pages. Simply bind them with some rope and bring that vintage smart furniture vibe into your kitchen.


Mason Jar Lights

Buying a few simple light fittings, bulbs, and cord, you can repurpose those old jars that you don’t use anymore. Impressive smart furniture for your friends and family, that’s for sure.


Clipboard Wall Decorations

Take old clipboards from the office and repurpose them in cute wall decorations. All you have to do is give them a splash of white paint and cover them with wallpaper samples. All your co-workers will be impressed by the creativity behind your smart furniture idea.


Suitcase Shelves – Smart Furniture at Its Best

We want to talk about smart leather furniture. If you happen to play here with your imagination and take some old vintage leather suitcases or drawers, you can easily transform them into shelves for your walls. Cut off the fronts and fix them on the wall.



There are tons of possibilities around, and all you need is a little bit of creative thinking. You can save some considerable amount of money and impress your family and friends with your smart furniture. We hope you got some good smart furniture ideas after this article. What projects have you already incorporated into your house? Share your experiences with DIY projects in the comment section!

Written by Dustin McCoy



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