3 Best Ways to Relieve Insomnia Using CBD Herbs
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reduce insomnia using CBD herbs

Sleep is a vital component of our overall well-being. Deep and sound sleep leads to better physical and cognitive functions. Also, it helps your body to repair and heal itself every night. Maintaining an adequate sleep schedule helps in preventing excess weight gain, heart disease, and other illnesses. 

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Sleep Research Society (SRS) recommends adults to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. However, an imbalance in the quality and duration of sleep can lead to several negative consequences. It may lead to sleep deprivation, which then causes metabolic and heart issues.

As a result, it's best to treat sleeplessness before it starts to incur significant damage. There are a variety of medications available to treat insomnia. But they can cause side effects. Thus, it’s best to choose a safer and natural alternative. One such effective option can be CBD herbs, e.g. hemp, best marijuana seeds. Before understanding how CBD helps in easing insomnia, let’s have a look at its causes. 

What causes insomnia? 

Insomnia can be a primary disorder or can be an effect of other disorders. According to Sleep Foundation Org, the most common causes of insomnia are as follows:

  • Stress: Unnecessary worry about work, family, relationship, or money can make you feel restless. It can lead to an overactive mind during the night. Due to this, you may have trouble dozing into sleep.
  • Poor sleeping habits: Poor lifestyle and habits significantly increase your chances of developing insomnia. Irregular bedtimes, uncomfortable environments, and stimulating activities can affect the sleep cycle. 
  • Mental health disorders: Disorders, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can hinder your sleep cycle. Depression, on the other hand, can also cause insomnia. 
  • Consumption of alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine: Consuming stimulant drinks, such as cola, tea, and coffee, can interfere with sleep. It can make it hard for you to fall asleep during the night. Alcohol may help to fall asleep but is generally linked to an incomplete sleep cycle. 

How CBD helps to relieve insomnia   

CBD or cannabidiol is gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits to health. CBD extracted from industrial hemp can help in relieving insomnia without making you high. This is due to the lesser amount of THC (about 0.3%) available. That’s why a regular and recommended consumption of CBD can help you fall into deep slumber every night

CBD can help in easing insomnia in the following ways:

CBD can alleviate mental disorders

Mental health is becoming a serious concern in the world. According to WHO, mental disorders are affecting one out of four people worldwide. Mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and stress, lead to improper sleep. People who have Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia can experience sleeplessness too. While there are some medications available, they are mostly linked to side effects. Some can cause weight gain and react with other drugs. That’s why CBD is a better alternative, as it can treat most of the disorders. 

CBD can control the stress hormone cortisol that leads to stress and anxiety. A 2019 study concluded that CBD could significantly lower the stress and anxiety in patients. As a result, it can increase sleep duration as well as quality. Some studies also suggest that CBD can be useful in treating PTSD, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

CBD can reduce body pain

It becomes harder to fall asleep if your body is suffering from excruciating pain. When your body is not in its optimal state of calmness, it creates uneasiness, which can cause insomnia. Utmost pain is hard to treat with pain killers, opioids, and anti-seizure medicines. Unlike these medications, CBD can ease the symptoms rather than acting as a sedative.

As per the latest research, CBD can be used to reduce pain in the body. It also supported that a balanced blend of CBD and THC is more effective in treating insomnia than THC alone. Further, CBD can also address inflammation in the body. It tends to influence the endocannabinoid system to help balance internal body functions.

CBD can treat skin problems

Skin problems such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, and rashes can increase discomfort in the body. Eczema and psoriasis can hinder sleep as they give extreme itching and a burning sensation. Hopefully, CBD can help keep these skin problems in check. 

As per research, CBD topicals can reduce the itching symptoms of psoriasis patients. This is because it possesses anti-inflammatory effects and can decelerate cell division. CBD can also treat acne due to its antibacterial properties. It can also reduce the overproduction of sebum, which further decreases the build-up of acne. 


CBD can help treat a variety of disorders, and insomnia is one of them. It has the potential to ease mental disorders, reduce body pain, and treat skin problems too. While studies suggest that consumption of CBD can be useful in insomnia, it is still a supplement. Thus it is best to follow a healthy lifestyle, consult an expert, and then incorporate the use of CBD accordingly.


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