3 Eco-Friendly Habits for Everyone in the Family
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The time has come when we must all work together to protect the environment. Eco-friendly habits are becoming the norm in a variety of households. It's not too late to start if you haven't yet begun to implement eco-friendly habits. 

These are three eco-friendly habits for everyone in the family. Start these practices today, and they will be habits in no time.

Recycle Your Household Waste

Recycling should be the first eco-friendly habit you need to start implementing. Getting started recycling is not difficult. First, you have to think about all the recyclable goods that you accumulate in your household, and then you will have to figure out where to send them. You can probably call a local recycling center to come and pick up your newspaper and print materials. Plastics can go to a recycling center. Examples of plastic items that you can recycle are items such as milk cartons, peanut butter jars, bleach containers, yogurt tubs, water bottles, and the like.

You can also recycle your aluminum cans, electronics, and other items of that nature. In this case, you might be able to earn money recycling. A lot of recycling centers will pay a modest price for your aluminum and metal. It might be a minimal amount, but you will see profits if you bring enough items to them.

Change Your Eating Habits

Changing your eating habits is another way to practice eco-friendly habits. You can do that by cooking your own meals instead of buying a large number of canned foods and TV dinners. You can also replace a lot of the foods that you eat with fresh fruits and vegetables. Start by making small changes so that the family doesn't get shell shocked from the abrupt changes. You may want to change one habit at a time until you've become an utterly eco-friendly household.

Use Alternative Methods of Transportation

When you drive a traditional car, its exhaust helps to erode the environment. Cars emit gases that contribute to the problem of global warming. Their maintenance requires you to purchase hazardous chemicals that come in plastic containers. Furthermore, vehicle emissions affect the overall air quality for drivers and passengers all over the world. You can make a small contribution to society by alternating your modes of transportation as much as possible.

One way that you can change your habit is by using public transportation instead of driving your car as much. You may want to take the train if you commute a far distance to work from your home. Another idea is to ride a bicycle to your destination if it's not that far away. For example, you can ride a bike to the store if you're only going to pick up one item, and the drive is less than a mile away. Bikes are cheaper to maintain than vehicles are. You can always find an affordable store that will sell you all the bicycle accessories that you'll need. Bicycle riding is an excellent alternative to driving as well because it will keep you in shape. The bike riding activity is good for building leg muscle and boosting your heart rate, which releases brain chemicals that can boost your mood.

How to Get the Kids Involved

Perhaps the hardest part of transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle will be getting the kids to join in on the activities. You can use several approaches to this. You can try talking to them about the importance of trying to save the environment if they are old enough to understand that reasoning. You could also give them some incentives to adopt eco-friendly behaviors. For example, you might offer allowance increases to them if they're willing to contribute to your eco-friendly mission. You could offer them "awards," such as trips to the ice cream store or a visit to their favorite toy store. What's rewarding to adults may not seem rewarding to children at first. So the best way to approach this is to look at it from a child's perspective and make it rewarding that way.

Start Being Eco-Friendly Today

Now you know some of the top tips for being an eco-friendly family. As we said, it's never too late to do this. You can always start doing things to protect your environment. The world will appreciate your contribution to its health and wellness.

Written by Becca Meyers


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Becca is a java junkie from the West Coast. She loves dancing with her husband and has a knack for finding the next big indie boardgame. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her testing bicycle accessories during her daily commute.



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