4 Organic Meal Ideas to Fit Your Healthy Lifestyle
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It isn't easy to live a healthy lifestyle, mostly because we live in a world that does not facilitate such things. Yes, healthy alternatives exist, but they often tend to be more expensive and/or less available. That being said, there are plenty of organic meal ideas that can fit into your healthy lifestyle without an extreme expense or a lot of trouble. Let's look at four organic meal ideas that are simple, flexible, and doable for the average person on an average budget.

1. Simple Meat or Produce Dishes

As long as your meat is cruelty-free and organically produced (meaning no steroids or other growth enhancers), there is no reason that you should have to give up meat for an organic diet. Of course, organic meat is more expensive, but that's why you have to get creative. One of the best ways to stretch that meat budget is to mix it with various fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh ones from your local farmer's market.

Here is a simple idea: Take a chunk of organic, cruelty-free meat. You can use any kind you want, but chicken and fish are the most low-fat choices out there. Just don't go too far with that attitude because your body needs a certain amount of fat to digest meat properly.

In any case, slice the meat down the middle (long-wise) and insert a bunch of chopped fresh fruit/vegetables. I prefer peppers, onions, and mango. Wrap the meat in aluminum foil or put it in a big pan with a lid and cook on low heat until the meat is no longer pink. That's just one of how you can put this simple and versatile idea to work.

2. The Versatility Of Sunflower Seeds

Although they often don't get enough credit, sunflower seeds are some of the healthiest snacks around. They are loaded with omega fatty acids, which offer numerous health benefits. In fact, there is even evidence to suggest that omega fatty acids can extend your lifespan. It is a fact that people who eat a lot of fish and seafood (which is almost universally rich in omegas) tend to have longer lifespans and less incidence of heart disease. Still, it isn't practical to eat fish every day for most of us.

That's where sunflower seeds come into the picture. They can be added to nearly any other type of food. Whether it's a meat dish, a salad, or even carb-heavy foods like potatoes, sunflower seeds can be used to add some nutritional content. Not only that, but they add a nice flavor that goes well with just about anything. If you don't like the consistency of the seeds themselves, you can grind them into powder and incorporate them into a sauce.

3. The Many Uses Of Squash

There are a lot of people who just don't eat squash, making it something of a "niche" food. However, many amateur gardeners have found it to be a great producer, so there are loads of great squash recipes out there. This is a very versatile food, as it can be prepared in a near-endless number of ways. Anything that can be done with potatoes can be done with a squash fruit...and it will probably be a lot more nutritious.

The fleshy consistency of squash makes it a great meat substitute for those who are seeking to eat less meat or no meat at all. Also, if you keep chickens, the eggs can be used with a little organic flour to make a very tasty breading. Fried and breaded squash may be a little higher in fat due to the oil, but it's still way healthier than most fried foods. Or, if you want to avoid oil-frying, you can just dice the squash and cook it in a skillet with a little butter.

4. A Word About Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks really aren't very healthy, but they don't have to be particularly unhealthy, either. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that a certain amount of alcohol consumption helps to prevent heart problems. This is one reason why Mediterranean cuisine makes such extensive use of wine. If you want a stiff drink, you can at least use organic cocktail mixers. Meaning you can enjoy an alcoholic drink with minimal guilt.


These are just a few basic ideas to get you started. We encourage you to get creative and come up with some good organic recipes. Even something a little less healthy (like alcoholic liquors) can be made into an organic and relatively healthy treat. Don't be afraid to experiment with various organic ingredients. Once you learn the "combinations" that you like, everything else will fall into place naturally. We hope this article has been helpful.


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