4 Simple Ways to Host Events with Minimal Environmental Impact

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Event planners, businesses and local organizations all understand the critical components associated with event planning in one form or another. From hosting major conventions and expositions to planning modest outdoor gatherings, there is a fundamental need for experienced individuals in chaperoning each crucial detail of the event planning process.

Increasingly, demand for more environmentally-responsible event planning solutions has emerged. Whether it be to minimize any permanent damage to outdoor surroundings, encouraging recycling by participants on-site or to simply save money, there are a litany of options to consider when seeking to plan events with minimal environmental impact.

As such, here are a few examples that can reduce any permanent environmental impact from the event itself.

Select Green Venues

One of the easiest choices in planning an eco-friendly event is to ensure that the venue itself is eco-friendly. Green venues are surprisingly easy to find!

For indoor events, be sure to verify before reserving the venue that they operate with eco-friendly policies in mind. Ask about any sustainability certifications that the venue (or sponsored accommodations) possesses. Consider how easy it is to access the venue via public transportation. Inquire about any recycling practices or eco-friendly vendors the venue uses. 

For outdoor events, the process can be simpler - a well-maintained green space needs minimal consideration in this regard. Just make sure to take care of the space while using it!

Embrace Portable and Modular Accommodations

If there is a need to import various materials or accommodations for an upcoming event, then consider carefully which resources you use. Above all else, reusable elements – from seating and décor to cutlery and displays – drastically minimize carbon footprints and potential for local pollution and littering.

A prime example for select events is aluminum bleachers. For outdoor or less formal indoor events, aluminum bleachers provide portability and can be reused many times, allowing event planners to purchase or even rent these elements in some cases. National Recreation Systems specializes in portable bleachers, allowing for outdoor and indoor venues to be stocked with eco-friendly seating. In addition to aluminum bleachers, they also supply benches and picnic tables (other great eco-friendly accommodations for events).

Consider Transportation and Logistics

How easily can guests arrive at the event? Do they need to bring their own form of transportation, or will public transportation provide easy access? How far away does the average guest live from the planned venue?

These are crucial questions to ask before planning any event if wishing to minimize environmental impact. By ensuring that the venue itself is as close to the median attendee as possible and – when possible – maximizing the use of public transportation or group transportation ideas, a more eco-friendly event can be hosted.

Have a Waste Plan

Most events generate waste – in many cases, a substantially larger amount per capita than would be generated through day-to-day individual living. As such, being prepared for how to handle waste at an event is crucial. Many forms of waste can be easily recycled, and event planners should have a game plan for providing recycle bins for plastic, paper, glass and aluminum that are conveniently placed throughout the venue.

Additionally, a team of volunteers may be needed to pick up any debris not disposed of properly after the event concludes. By leaving the venue – particularly if it is outdoors – in as good of shape or better than prior to the event with regards to waste, event planners can help further reduce any impact on the environment associated with their events.

These 4 solutions are not difficult measures to implement in the broader event planning process, and can have a meaningful impact on the overall sustainability factor of each event. As more concern for the environment is needed, taking these actions into consideration is a worthwhile endeavor. 


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