4 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly on Your Next Adventure
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When you head out for vacation, you’re probably not thinking about how your travel impacts the environment. Take a minute and think about the last time you traveled. You probably spent a lot more money to eat out or to buy consumable products that you could throw away. 


While this isn’t bad, there are better ways to be more eco-conscious as you’re heading to your next adventure.


Avoid plastic water bottles and coffee cups by bringing your own

How many cups of coffee and bottles of plastic water do we consume while traveling? More than we realize, especially as we toss them in the trash as soon as we’re finished. If you know you’ll be buying lots of coffee on-the-go, bring your favorite spill-proof tumblerIf you’ll be hiking, there are also other options to attach your thermos to a backpack. It seems like a small step, but the environmental reward is more than worth it. 


If you’re picky about the taste of water, opt for filtering water bottles. Your kids are more likely to enjoy using a water bottle if it includes a fun, distinct print. Once you get in the habit of carrying a thermos or water bottle around, you’ll realize how many restaurants and cafes will reward you for bringing your own container, and you can feel better about saving the landfill.


Prepare ahead of time

Before heading out on your adventure, think of small ways where you can make eco-friendly choices. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or visiting a new city, there are numerous ways to plan and prepare. An easy way is to bring a reusable shopping bag, particularly one that can fit into your wallet. Extra bags always come in handy, and when not in use, you’ll barely notice them tucked away in a purse or pocket. 


Another idea is to pack eco-friendly greeting cards that are ethically sourced using recyclable materials. This is much easier on the environment than impulsively purchasing postcards made with plastic coating. 


Eat, drink, and shop locally

Whether shopping for small necessities or ordering from restaurants, think local, local, local. You’re bound to find better-tasting food at family-owned businesses, and might find yourself pleasantly surprised by trying local beer, wine, and coffee. This not only helps the economy you’re visiting, but it also demands less from the environment as there is minimal energy spent connected to big-name brands and chain restaurants. 


Choose Alternative Travel Options

If you’re traveling between large cities, there might be traveling options that you hadn’t considered before. Taking the train is much more eco-conscious and is an impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can enhance the experience of your adventure by choosing bikes or scooters. If you don’t like riding bikes, scooter rentals are growing in popularity and can be found in most major cities.


You can always find ways to be more eco-friendly, even during your travels. Use any of these ideas or choose other options to help minimize your impact on the environment.



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