5 Easy Tips for Your Upcoming House Painting Project
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Does the thought of painting make you feel dreadful and nauseated? So, you have settled with the white walls surrounding you till it makes you feel boring and dull. Painting is often felt an irritating task by the homeowners; they keep postponing or merely neglecting it and restrict themselves to some décor. However, if you want to enhance the overall appearance of your home in a reasonable manner, then painting can do a wonderful job.


Without spending thousands of bucks on expensive and exotic décor, you can simply paint your house in the best possible manner. Well, white is the colour of grace and nobility, but you can play with more colours and shades to create beautiful patterns (yes, without causing a dent in your bank balance). Colours can dramatically elevate your mood and bring an elegant look to your house. Well, painting includes interior and exterior painting as well. So, imagine your house being glorified with colours from inside and from outside too.


Here are a few tips to transform this dull task of painting into something exciting for you and your family.


Testing a paint colour is an essential step

Though a colour might look soft on paper, it might not suit your living room. So, it is always recommended to test the paint colours to know whether it aligns with the wall and the lighting as well. People make a huge mistake of not testing the paint and then end up with hideous looking home.


Get a sample of your favourite colour from the catalogue, paint it and let it dry. Then, examine its appearance in natural sunlight as well as with artificial lights at your home. You will be surprised at the effect of the colours on your walls. With this trick, you can get a splendid colour theme for your home without any future regrets.


Finishing plays a vital role in the house painting

Though house owners pay more attention to the shades and hues of colours, they ignore the importance of finishing effects. Though glossy finishes are easy-to-clean and strong, they can leave some stains on the walls. While flat finishing will be perfect, it is prone to damages in the future and looks unattractive.


The tip is to choose the sheen as per the room. Bathrooms will require a glossy effect while your bedroom might need a flat paint finish.


Priming is vital before the painting commences

Professional painters in Auckland do not paint directly on the walls. They use a pro technique known as priming to avoid the dull, final look. Use a grey or a colour that is similar to your chosen paint and make your finish coat look more vibrant and fuller. You will also notice if you prime your walls, then you will require fewer coats even if you use dark colours.


Fix the dirty walls while painting

If a wall in your home is stained and contains slime and grease, then the paint won’t blend in it perfectly. Kitchen walls are an excellent example of these dirty walls and require thorough cleaning before you paint them. Using a degreaser is the best way to clean surfaces with grime and dirt. Make sure you read the instructions given on the degreaser bottle carefully and follow them. Also, use protective clothing and devices before you start the cleaning task.


As your wall is degreased, the paint will blend into it and will not leave any imperfections on the same.


Use paint effect for an interesting look

Well, we have discussed enough technical painting tips. Let us list out some of the painting effects that give an impactful look to your home. There are inexpensive ways that can also decorate your home. For instance, sprinkling effect, splatter paint effect, sponging and blending. Just watch a video tutorial, use simple tools (sprinkling effect will require an old toothbrush!) and start painting your home, transforming it fully.


So, we hope that the above five tips will prove simple yet interesting to paint your home. You can hire a professional for certain services while you can manage some of the tasks on your own.



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