5 Home Improvement Projects for Sustainable Living
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Making your home more eco-friendly is easier than you might think. While some home improvement renovations are expensive and complicated, there are many simple changes you can make to drastically reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank. With the right updates to your home, you can improve your home's market value and change the world for the better. 

Sustainable home improvement projects don’t have to be overly expensive. If you're committed to living a greener lifestyle, there are many efficient and cost-effective ways to do so. 

Read on for five home improvement projects to help you enjoy a more sustainable home.

1. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows is an eco-friendly improvement all homeowners should consider making. As single-pane windows are a big source of energy loss in many homes, it pays to make this simple upgrade. By replacing your single-pane windows with new double or triple pane windows, you can reduce your cooling and heating costs.

Not only will this upgrade make your home more comfortable, but it will also save you money on energy bills each month. Don't want to completely replace your current windows? There are many affordable options available for upgrading them to improve their efficiency and help insulate your home against excess heat and cold air. Adding weatherstripping is an effective way to ensure that warm air stays inside during the winter months and cool air remains outside during summer days.

2. Choose a Green Roof

Your roof is one of your home’s most important investments. It can also increase your home’s market value and help you embrace sustainability. According to Ace Roofing Company, which specializes in roof repairs in Austin, TX, choosing a green roof option can offer you significant energy savings. While installing new shingles or repairing leaks can be expensive, this is an important upgrade to live a greener life. If you are considering a green roof repair, choose options like metal roofs, concrete or clay tile roofs, or light-colored roofs. Recycled rubber and shingles are sustainable materials that will reduce your overall carbon footprint by mitigating pollution, reducing energy use, and eliminating the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

During your roof repair, consider installing a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater harvesting systems are another home improvement project that will help you live a more eco-friendly life. These systems allow you to collect and use excess water for watering plants and weeding gardens.

This reclaimed water can also be used to flush toilets, wash laundry and even wash cars. Although investing in a rainwater harvesting system requires an initial investment, over time it will save money as it reduces or eliminates your household’s reliance on municipal water sources.

3. Install Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are another effective way to improve your home's sustainability. Many home thermostats operate on an outdated, pre-programmed timer that doesn’t take into account external factors that can affect how warm or cool a room needs to be. Fortunately, many modern thermostats connect to a system that monitors everything from air quality to humidity. These smart thermostats are an excellent option for anyone looking to save energy while keeping their house at a comfortable temperature.

4. Allow for More Natural Light

Letting natural light into your home is beneficial in several ways. While it saves you money on electricity, it helps to improve mental health and relieve stress. If your home renovation allows for more natural light, consider adding windows or skylights to maximize these sustainability benefits.

5. Insulate Your Walls and Floors

Insulating your walls can also cut down on your energy bills. Through this upgrade, you can create an airtight layer of insulation between your heated interior and cool exterior to greatly reduce heating costs. By using recycled materials for your insulation upgrade, you can easily reduce 44% of energy use that goes towards cooling and heating efforts in American homes.  While you can install insulation hacks yourself, working with a professional will save you the most money and have the largest environmental impact.

Making your home more sustainable with the right upgrades takes some effort, but the result will ultimately improve both your wallet and the environment. Use this guide to make your home and lifestyle more environmentally friendly.


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