5 Tips to Turn Your Condo Into an Eco-Friendly Space
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Protecting your sanctuary against the devastating effects of global warming involves a collective human effort to make green lifestyle changes. As minimizing one's environmental impact becomes imperative to our survival, your concerns probably now go beyond thinking of how to make your condo a zen paradise

Thankfully, there are many ways to transform your condo unit into a more eco-friendly home. Here are some changes you can implement in your condominium to work towards a more holistically sustainable lifestyle. 

5 Ways to Make Your Condo More Eco-Friendly 

1. Get plants 

Adding plants to your space is a great way to spruce up your condo. Not only that, it helps purify your indoor air quality so you can breathe better. Some plants that you can take home even with limited space include: 

Aloe Vera - This tropical succulent is popular for its medicinal and therapeutic uses and has air purifying qualities. If you have pets lurking in your condo, it's a good idea to put the plant out of reach since it has toxins that can be harmful to your furry friends. Aloe vera plants require ample sunlight, so placing them near sun-facing windows or out in your balcony if you have one is best. 

Snake plant - Needing only a little water and light to survive, Snake plants are great low-maintenance indoor plants that absorb air toxins. They thrive even when placed in dim corners. Pro tip: avoid over-watering succulents like snake plants to prevent root rot. 

Pothos - Another low-maintenance plant great for condo living is pothos plants, which offer several varieties like Golden Pothos, Neon Pothos, and Marble Queen Pothos. NASA's researchers discovered that it helps reduce common air pollutants that accumulate in the house, like toluene and benzene formaldehyde. 

Peace Lilies - This pretty flowering houseplant blooms during summer. Believed by feng shui experts to bring good luck and fortune, it survives even with low levels of sunlight and can even flourish under fluorescent lights. It can eliminate harmful pollutants like benzene and trichloroethylene, according to NASA. 

Cast Iron plant - This elegant plant is a great addition to living rooms or bedrooms in need of a botanical touch. Iron plants should only be watered when the topsoil layer is dry. They can thrive even when placed under indirect or low light spots of your condo. 

2. Use energy-friendly appliances and devices

Old appliances and devices typically consume more electricity and are, therefore, less energy efficient. When shopping for new appliances or devices, go for energy-efficient ones to decrease your electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Did you know that energy-efficient air conditioning can save up to 90% of power compared to older models? 

For example, switching from incandescent bulbs to highly power-efficient light sources alternative like light-emitting diodes (LED) lights or compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) is an excellent way to save more energy. CFLs can save you up to 75% of energy and last up to eight times longer compared to incandescent bulbs. 

Also, try to explore home automation devices to save electricity and lower your power bill. There are affordable smart home systems for condos that can control lighting, cooling, and heating functions for better energy efficiency. 

3. Practice recycling whenever possible 

If you are doing some major renovations or remodeling, consider using more recycled building materials from used wood, metal, plastic, or glass. You can apply recycling in so many areas of your condo lifestyle, including minor redecoration jobs. 

Upcycling items like mason jars as trendy flower vases or a container for your art supplies is one example. If you have extra clothes lying around, maybe you can repurpose them as pillowcases. There are endless recycling possibilities — all you have to do is think carefully before tossing whatever old stuff you have down the garbage chute! 

4. Choose water-saving fixtures

Decreasing water consumption is also a primary concern for everyone wanting to go green. Aside from being extra mindful when to turn your tap on and off, switching to water-saving fixtures like a performance showerhead can save you up to 30% of water. 

Using high-efficiency toilets with a “water sense” label is another option that can cut your water consumption. These newer models use only 1.3 gallons per flush (GPF) compared to older toilets that require up to 3.5 GPF.   

5. Go for natural, eco-friendly household products 

Reducing your use of synthetic materials and plastics as much as possible is best for those who want to start the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle. For example, instead of using mass-produced sponges or toothbrushes, opt for other alternatives that use natural, biodegradable materials. 

Another example is using a loofah instead of a synthetic sponge for dishwashing or a bamboo toothbrush for brushing your teeth in place of plastic ones. 

Every Green Choice Counts 

Taking care of plants, opting for energy-saving devices and appliances, choosing water-saving fixtures, and picking eco-friendly natural household products for everyday use are just some of the sustainable practices you can apply to help save the environment. 

Implementing eco-friendly practices is possible even if you are a city living condo dweller. The key is to adhere to practices anchored on the elements of green living: the good old 'reduce, reuse, recycle' principle. Whenever you can, ensure that your lifestyle choices help save energy, conserve water, and minimize your overall carbon impact. 

Written by Geri Pacleb


About the Author

Geri Pacleb is the head of Public Relations for Federal Land, Inc. She graduated from De La Salle University - Dasmarinas with a degree in Communication, and specialized in public relations.


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