5 Most Amazing Places in Japan for an Unforgettable Vacation
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nature in Japan


Japan is known for many things, but for the active and curious people, it is the destination of a lifetime. Those who like to travel and explore will be thrilled with the opportunities Japan offers to its visitors. After all, this country is a unique mix of culture, tradition, and modern trends. It is the land of free-thinkers and advanced technology, but also home to discipline and an impressive work ethic. Being such a unique mix of business and fun, Japan accommodates every tourist perfectly. No matter what your interests are and what kind of person you are, you’re bound to find yourself in Japan.


nature in Japan


Soak away your troubles in Shirakabeso

If you’re a fan of hot springs, you’ll be glad to know that Japan is full of amazing hot springs you’re encouraged to discover. Even the most active travellers hungry for adventure need a little chilling time. The springs in Shirakabeso are the perfect opportunity to let go of the tension you’ve been holding in your muscles and sink into a world of warmth and serenity.


This is considered to be a public hot spring location, so you can expect a lot of people to join you in this experience. The popularity of the place is also justified by the amazing views of the mountains and ocean you’ll get to see while you soak. The fact that this is a traditional Japanese hot springs location as well means that you’ll get the most authentic experience possible.


Those who like a more private setting can always talk to a local and figure out which hot springs work best for them. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the magic of the water almost entirely by yourself. Let your mind wander and your body relax, as the sore muscles are worked by the healing powers of the water. This rejuvenating experience in your birthday suit will surely prepare you for your next adventure. After all, we all know that a little rest did every hard-working man or woman a lot of good.


nature in Japan


Witness pearl diving at Mikimoto Pearl Island

This is one of the activities you’ll only get to witness in Japan. As an ancient tradition that takes lots of training, you won’t really be able to participate, but pearl diving is still one hell of a sight to see. It is unique because we’re talking about free diving here.


In other words, there are no scuba suits and diving gear involved in this activity. The ama explore the ocean in search of pearls and dive as deep as 80 feet into the water. They are specially trained divers which mostly consist of women. These girls and women have been trained in the ancient art of free diving from a young age. Most of them continue to pearl hunt well into old age.


Even though you may not be able to participate in pearl hunting, you can book a diving tour to watch the action first-hand. You’ll be completely safe in diving gear while you’ll get to marvel at the athleticism and grace of the ama. There is truly no better way to get to know a culture than by observing its ancient traditions and customs.


Japan may be a mystery, but when you experience pearl diving, one more piece of the puzzle will be in place in the big picture. In turn, you’ll be that much closer to this interesting culture and its people.


nature in Japan


Live your favourite childhood video game in Tokyo

From amazing food to a notorious nightlife, Tokyo is famous for many things. What many people don’t know is that this is also the place where you can take part in the MariCar race. Inspired by every child’s favourite childhood video game - Mario Kart - this race takes you along the streets of Tokyo and shows you the city in a whole different way.


You’ll be able to drive your car up to around 50 miles an hour while navigating the road with others as excited to be here as you. Another bonus is that you’ll be wearing the costume of your favourite Mario Kart character, thus really bringing the game to life.


The race is completely safe as opponents aren’t able to throw dangerous things at each other. As well as that, the race is designed to be more of a tour of part of the city than a race, thus making it extra safe. That being said, don’t think you won’t get to experience the full awesomeness of Mario Kart in real life. It may not be Rainbow Road, but it’s Tokyo, and that’s as close as it can get.


nature in Japan


Conquer the mountains in Furano

One part of Japan many people are unfamiliar with is skiing. Believe it or not, Japan has one of the best ski trails in the whole world. The quality of the crystal white snow is better than anywhere else, even if Furano gets somewhat less snow than some other places in Japan. The fluffy and light characteristic of the snow makes it perfect for an unforgettable ski experience.


If you book one of Furano’s famous Liquid Snow Tours, you’ll be able to set the animal inside you free. You’ll never feel more strongly than when you’re taking the trail by the horns and showing it who’s boss. Those who don’t have much skiing experience don’t have to worry as there are other tours suitable for their ski level.


The snow isn’t the only thing you’ll be seeing in Furano, as it is also famous for its mesmerizing views. After all, this destination gets more sun than some others. So, after you’ve tired yourself out skiing, you can take a breath and enjoy the most amazing sunset you’ll ever witness. The equally amazing sunrises are perfect for setting the mood for the upcoming day, too.


nature in Japan 

Meet a furry friend in the Zao Fox Village

Foxes are easily one of the biggest treasures Japan has, and they’re proud to admit it. Society often places the pressure for men to be strong and emotionless, but here, you can let go of the stigma and be the purest version of yourself you can be. The love and respect you have for wild animals will simply shine through in this unique Japanese village.


You’ll get to meet countless little foxes of different species and enjoy their company for the day. Of course, since these are all undomesticated foxes, you’ll have to keep some distance and give them space. That being said, you will be able to pet the curious foxes that come up to meet you.


For an extra fee, you may even be able to get up close and personal with a fox or two and hold them. Anyone over the age of 12 has the right to hold and pet baby foxes, too. Those who want to take this experience one step further should consider visiting the park in winter when foxes are at their fluffiest. There is no better place to meet these amazing creatures than Japan.



Those who want a relaxing vacation void of thrills and new experiences should skip Japan entirely. This wonderful country will make you discover things about yourself you never thought were there. As well as that, it will show you a whole new side of the world that you only thought existed in fantasy lands. A man who loves all the treasures of the world will be a man who loves Japan.

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