How to Reduce Your Plastic Use While Traveling [Infographic]
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Awareness around sustainable travel has greatly increased over recent years and we are all continually gaining a greater understanding of the importance of being an eco-friendly and responsible traveller.


One of the biggest issues facing our environment at the moment is the plastic waste, and countries around the world are taking key actions to help reduce our plastic usage and waste. One of the key actions currently being taken is reducing the use of plastic straws, and switching out plastic straws for paper straws. Given that it can take up to 200 years for plastic straws to decompose, it is clear that solutions such as this are an important step for us all to be taking.


More and more people are actively recycling and taking steps to cut down their environmental impact at home and in their everyday lives, but how can we also help to cut down our plastic pollution and environmental impact on holiday?


Ahead of World Environment Day on 5th June, which this year focuses on how to #BeatPlasticPollution, we have created a guide on how you can help to reduce your plastic waste on your next holiday.


We have looked at some of the biggest factors contributing to our plastic usage on holiday and solutions to how we can help to reduce this. Some of these are super simple – for example, by simply switching out your plastic water bottles for one reusable bottle you can really cut down on your plastic pollution on holiday, and as an added bonus you’ll even save money in the long run too.


Of course, it may not be feasible for you to introduce each and every one of these tips into your routine and some may not be appropriate for you, but if you can even adopt some of the simplest and easiest switches into your holiday routine you’ll be helping towards saving our planet from plastic pollution.


And remember that many of these tips also apply back home too!


Have a look at our guide below and get ready for your eco-friendly travels.

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