5 Quick and Easy Tips to Organize a Successful Charity Event

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If you are passionate about a worthy cause and want to spread awareness while at the same time raising the necessary funds to actually make a difference, then organizing a charity event is the best way to achieve your goals. That said, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a charity event that will echo throughout the community, and hopefully raise awareness enough so that its impact has a long-lasting effect.


After all, you want people to follow your example and become passionate about the cause themselves. To achieve all of this and much more, you will need to implement the following tips that will make your charity event stand out and attract the people that can make a difference. Here’s what you should do.


Choose a theme and a cause

First and foremost, you need to decide on the theme of your event, which will most likely be influenced by the cause itself. With plenty of worthy causes to choose from nowadays, it can be difficult to settle on just one, so make a list and start narrowing it down. Choose a cause that’s near and dear to your heart, preferably one that is a part of your industry as well. This will help you select and mold the theme more organically.


Ask yourself who your target audience really is, and what the needs and expectations of your potential guests are. The cause itself will, unfortunately, not be enough to inspire early reservations, so you will need to devise a theme that will get people interested and engaged. Once you have tailored the theme to your clientele, it’s time to work out a budget.


Set a realistic budget and revenue model

charity event

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A charity event has to make money, otherwise, it’s just a PR event and that’s probably not enough to make the difference you’re hoping to achieve. To develop a realistic budget for your charity event, you will need to calculate your expenses, and you will need to calculate the minimum amount your event has to raise in order to be successful.


Start gathering quotes from venues, catering services, and various vendors you might need to make your theme a reality. And remember, always leave some money aside for the unexpected expenses, because there will be a few. Finally, have a sit-down with the charities to find out exactly how much money they would need to make even the smallest difference, and work your way up from there.


Nail the venue and the catering

Most importantly, you will need to book a venue that will get people’s attention, and you will need to bring in the best caterers to create an engaging and entertaining ambiance that will make your event fun and memorable. Remember, you’re creating an entire experience here, so you need to go above and beyond the traditional speech-and-cocktails routine.


Be sure to look for those alternative venues that boast soul and substance, and don’t forget to spend some time researching innovative catering companies that will help you put your own twist on your event with delicious bites and a unique selection of drinks and cocktails. This will make your event memorable enough to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests, prompting them to continue to take action in the future as well.


Tend to meticulous and timely promotion

charity event

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You can’t just expect people to show up without first building up some much-needed buzz in the online world. Even if you’ve decided to host an intimate event with a carefully-curated selection of guests, you will still want to promote it across social media and on your website in order to get the public and the media interested. After all, the more people know about your event, the higher the chances of elevating awareness about the cause.


Support the cause after the event is over

Promotion doesn’t stop when the event is over, quite the contrary, it’s important that you continue to advocate the cause well after the event in order to keep the morale high in the community. No matter how generous or passionate your guests might have been at the time of the event, they will quickly forget about it if you don’t remind them that the cause still needs them, their voice, and their contributions. Send out follow-up emails, and create a post-event awareness campaign on social media to keep the passion alive.


Final thoughts

Organizing a charity event is so much more than picking a cause and inviting people for a round of cocktails – a truly effective event requires careful planning and implementation. So awaken the businesswoman within and use these tips to give your event the framework and support it needs to inspire the community and make a difference.

Guest post by Claire Hastings



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