5 Sustainable Storage Solutions for the Home and Office
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sustainable storage

Recycling packaging and composting food waste have become much easier and more common, but too many homeowners and families are stopping there and not looking at other ways they can act sustainably.

Home storage can be a constant challenge in the home, but convenient home storage solutions are often made unsustainably and from plastics that are not recycled or recyclable. Here we have put together a quick list of five ways anyone can use more environmentally sustainable storage solutions in their home or office.

Reclaim and Re-Use

People have been reclaiming furniture for a long time, giving old but well-made items a new lease on life, which is much better for the environment than making something new.

You can do this with home storage, and often get yourself a quirky and fun piece of furniture in the process. Old cupboards, sideboards, and wardrobes make great storage for kids’ toys and winter clothes.

Don’t Use Plastic Storage

If you have had a look around for storage solutions for your home or office, you have probably seen that there are thousands of different options, if you are willing to use plastic.

The plastic used in storage containers is very rarely made from recycled plastic and is sometimes made from a poorer quality material that doesn’t do the job very well. Plastic containers are good at stacking together but don’t last very long, often breaking and cracking when you move them around. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also often a waste of your money.

sustainable storage


Do Use Sustainable Materials

You can find storage solutions made from sustainable materials like wood, cork, and bamboo if you search for long enough, or better yet, make your own.

Plywood is an easy material to work with that is sustainable. At plywood suppliers Cabinet Timbers, you can find a selection of plywood in a range of sizes and grades that are perfect to use for customized home storage. The advantage of this is that your storage can be made to fit your home.

Consult a Professional

Professional craftsmen often have solutions to home storage that you haven’t thought of, and can help you design and plan custom storage for your home, often made from just about any material you want.

Many professionals have embraced sustainability, and will always approach work with an eye on the environment. Talking to people like this can give you some great ideas, save you money, and save the planet all at the same time.

Use All Available Space

Not enough people use all the space available in their home for storage. You can keep cramming boxes into your attic or basement, but sooner or later you will run out of space.

Using ‘vertical space’ is a great idea, and can often give you more space to store things than you know what to do with. Adding shelving to the space underneath the stairs can give you loads of room to store things, and you can cover it up with a curtain if you want it hidden away.

Sustainability isn’t easy, and living sustainably can be difficult. With practical solutions like these, you can live a healthy and sustainable family life without impacting the environment.


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