5 Unnecessary Expenses to Cut When Saving For a House
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expenses to cut when saving for a house


Saving up to buy a home is a big decision to make! This sets you on track to buy a property that you can call your own; unfortunately, a house payment calculator will often point out that this purchase will strain your budget even more than you expected.

If you want to save as much as possible and make the first couple of months of homeownership easier on yourself, consider cutting out these expenses to give your budget a little more wiggle room!

Extra Streaming Services

There are dozens of streaming and subscription services that take out money every single month. Rethink these and decide if any of them are worth it.

The best way to treat streaming services to ensure that you can enjoy as many as possible without hurting your bottom line is to subscribe to only one for two to three months at a time. You can rotate through them, which will ensure that you'll always have new shows and movies to watch.

Ordering Food Delivery

How often do you order food to be delivered to your home? There's nothing wrong with enjoying dishes that you love, but delivery can double the price of food that you could have picked up or made yourself. 

The best way to save money is to cook every meal yourself. This means meal planning for your workweek and putting in the effort to create food that you enjoy. Although this is a lot more work, this can save you countless money that would have otherwise been spent to have someone else get your food for you.

Cut The Cable Cord

How much money do you spend a month on cable? Most people don’t use most channels that come with their subscription, which means you may be able to get away by using YouTube and up to one other streaming service that you can pay for. 

Cutting out cable can save you up to a hundred dollars every month, making it easier to save money. On top of that, the constant food and goods advertisements could encourage you to spend money on things like fast food or items you don't need.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

How much do you spend on your gym membership? How often do you go? Only a third of people who own a gym membership use it. 

Although we all want to be the ones who will use these memberships and get the most out of them, paying for something that you’re not actually using is like throwing money away.

Advertisement Splurging

This isn't an exact item to stop spending money on, but it is important to think about when looking at your finances. Unsubscribe from any corporate emails or advertisements that you get. If you’re trying to save money, seeing a Michaels coupon popping into your email isn’t going to help you.

If you fall more often for ads from influencers, consider unfollowing them until you've reached your savings goal. The last thing you should allow yourself to do is to fall for advertisements that will encourage you to spend money you wouldn't have spent otherwise.


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