5 Ways to Keep Your Business Clean and Green

keep your business green and clean


According to a 2017 study conducted by the World Green Building Council, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification was proven to increase rental rates by up to 8%. Are you wondering what impact the certification makes?

Green buildings are significantly resource-intensive and more sustainable compared to traditional buildings. Today's business world is struggling not only to operate cost-effectively, but also in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

In the United States, traditional buildings account for close to 40% of carbon IV oxide emissions, and the LEED-certified record 34% lower emission. Besides, they consume less energy and water, which saves your business a lot.

So, are you looking to keep your business clean and green? Well, it's not quite a complex issue. You only need to follow a few operational measures. Let's take you through the best five.

Replace Chemical Cleaners with Green Cleaners

Consider replacing the chemicals used in cleaning the area with eco-friendly and safe cleaning reagents. You are shifting for the better, so ensure that all chemicals in store get disposed of safely and responsibly. Your new cleaning products should provide a safe environment in terms of safe air and avoid water contamination.

Green natural cleaners feature vinegar, borax, water, and baby oil. This is an excellent alternative for chemical cleaners. You can as well look for other products while ensuring they meet the EPA's standards.

Also, make sure you use the right materials in your next building projects. Buy paints, interior finishes, and carpets that have Greenguard certification.

Replace Old Objects with Eco-Friendly Ones

You should be keen on your next purchases, but even replacements of the current equipment can be useful. Assess the performance of the assets you have and note areas where alternatives can save on costs. If some equipment has high maintenance costs, you can get a new model that operates more efficiently.

Switch to LED lighting, which is proven to cut energy consumption levels by up to 80% compared to the traditional lighting bulbs. You realize that some replacements will positively impact the environment and help your business run more cost-effectively.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

You don't have to wait until the equipment break breakdown. Make it your culture to carry out continuous inspections to determine areas that need improvement. That way, you can track energy usage trends and impending risks and take corrective action.

Replacing equipment parts on time ensures they run energy efficiently, and keep the environment clean and safe by avoiding excessive emission of heat. Regular inspection of hard-to-reach areas ensures there is no buildup of dust, which can be harmful to workers and reduce equipment efficiency.

Train Your Team

Your entire team should be aware of the business goals on sustainability. Therefore, do not just focus on the cleaning team, but rather the entire workforce. Train the staff on sustainability principles and environmental protection. Everyone can adopt the principles and best practices to ensure the business environment remains clean and safe.

You can have a certified energy manager in charge of monitoring conservation initiatives, systems, and energy costs. If you work with cleaning companies, ensure they adopt the best practices, and use eco-friendly products.

Introduce Purifiers

You may adopt the best and safest cleaning products, building materials, and office interiors, but this may not achieve the air's 100% cleanliness. Your water supplies can have other contaminants, so consider getting purifiers or filters from companies such as Waterdrop, among others. You can get ideal purifiers for your business as well as amazing RO systems for your home.

According to a report published by NASA, indoor plants eliminate up to 70% of organic compounds. With the right air-purifying plants, your working environment will always be free from harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. The plants absorb the gases through their pores, ensuring your office remains fresh.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining your business clean and fresh sounds obvious, but it is not quite simple. Managers often overlook small practices without knowing their implications on business costs, employee health, and customer wellness.

However, if you decided to make a turnaround, it's time to get going. With the above tips, you are sure to keep your company clean and green like a pro.


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