6 Occasions Where Changing Your Locks Is A Must
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Home security starts and ends with the doors to your home. Even with all the smart technology, there is almost always a mechanical lock installed on the door. The right lock will provide a feeling of security and peace, deter possible burglars and simply improve your lifestyle with great functionality. This is precise there are many occasions where you could consider a lock replacement, although some do require an immediate call to a locksmith.

Lost or stolen keys

It is not uncommon to lose keys and most of us have replacement keys back at home. However, especially if your keys were stolen, you should consider the possibility that your keys are in the hands of a stranger. If only keys were lost, you might want to wait a bit and check the places you’ve been to. Missing keys can also be found and left in the public spaces and businesses so check your route carefully. 

In a theft case, this could mean that a thief has your documents and your keys. Not a pleasant feeling, we assume? These situations definitely require lock replacement and starting anew with the new lock and a fresh set of keys. 

Your lock is old or malfunctioning

Older homes usually come with old, malfunctioning, and outdated mechanisms. With old appliances, the old lock must go. Luckily, if you still want to leave that old-style, the professional locksmith will find a decent replacement. They can also incorporate a modern lock into your beautiful piece of history. 

Mass-produced houses were often made with materials of poorer quality. These get to poor condition quickly, as they start malfunctioning. These can be easily replaced by newer, better-quality locks that are tough to break in and will deter burglars. 

You moved into a new home

Congratulations! You have become a new house owner and moved into a home that had a previous owner. You cannot be certain who had the access to your home previously, and no matter the situation, you shouldn’t believe the people you bought the house from completely. Do the replacement and prevent any situations that might come back from the previous owners’ lives. 

If you have bought a completely new home, you are still not out of the woods when the locks are in question. Many builders use universal construction locks for each door key, including master keys. Even though this makes the building process more secure as the builders and their contractors will have copies, this process happens without your safety in mind. Unless you have seen lock replacement at the end of the build, you might consider doing it afterward, with an independent locksmith.

Someone moved out

Life events bring and take people from our lives, and these can be your close friends, your family, or your partner. Sadly, not all goodbyes are pleasant. If you’ve had the misfortune of separations that did not end well, replacing locks should be your top priority after the person moves out of your home. 

This can be the case even if you had a roommate in a rented apartment. You don’t know who had the access to your home, or even your room. Even if you don’t want to invest in entry lock replacement, the locksmith can replace the lock on your room and thus ensure the safety of your private possessions. 

You’ve done a major renovation

As mentioned with old and mass-produced houses, the builders install their universal lock that many of their employees have access to. There are constructors for the walls, plumbers, designers, project managers, and other teams that have access to your home at some point in a renovation project. You might even want to change the door itself during renovation, thus further making it easier to leave a universal lock. Thus, as the final part of your major renovation, including the professional locksmith in the budget. 

Your house has been broken into

The worst nightmare of homeowners is burglaries. On top of theft, the damage they can do can be quite costly. Above the financial loss, you also have the emotional scars that you have to deal with while staying on the same property. Even if you have inventory off all of your existing key copies, don’t play that game. Replace the locks, update them and help your family and yourself to continue with your lives feeling secure. The picked locks prove that your existing locks are of poor quality and that you really should update them to prevent future invasions. 

Lock replacement can be connected to many lifestyle changes, and even temporary injuries can require this update. Any disability already carries many lifestyle changes, and your home entrance shouldn’t be a hard thing to deal with. Call the locksmith and get the lock that fits your needs for security perfectly! 

Written by Frank Robertson


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