7 Cheap And Expensive Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills
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The planet has been in trouble for decades, but most people only found out about it recently. They were happy to bury their heads in the sand up until now. Suddenly, topics like climate change appear in the news every few days and everyone starts to panic.


It seems like we all want to become more eco-friendly at the moment, especially when we're at home. If you fall into this category, there are cheap and expensive things you can do.


Let's take a look at a selection of them so you know what's possible.


Creating Your Own Low-Flow Toilet

The average home used to waste a huge amount of water every time you flushed the toilet. Now, it sits somewhere around the 1.6 gallons per flush mark. If you installed a low-flow toilet that number would fall by a fair amount.


They can use 60 percent less water than normal toilets. Unfortunately, they're quite a big investment. Just create your own low-flow toilet instead. Put a rock in the tank so it uses less water when filling back up.


Finally Say Goodbye to Phantom Loads

Electronics should never be left in when you're not using them. It means they should be physically removed from outlets. If they're on standby you can guarantee they're still wasting lots of power.


Phantom loads are said to be responsible for 75 percent of the energy electronics use in your home. Don't turn anything off in the future without ensuring it's been safely pulled out of the outlet.


Wash Your Clothes Using Cold Water

Every time you turn on your washing machine it will use 75 percent of the energy warming up the water. That means only 25 percent of the energy is used to power the machine. Why haven't you done something about this sooner?


It's probably because everyone assumes you can't wash clothes in cold water. Science says otherwise and you should listen to the studies. There are only a few instances where you'll need to wash things in hot water.


Start Buying Energy-Efficient Appliances

Manufacturers didn't care about helping you lower your energy costs when they built appliances in the past. In fact, the only thing they probably cared about was how much money the company was making on a yearly basis.


Things have changed and you'll see Energy Star appliances all over the place. They can normally reduce energy usage by 10-50 percent. You can even stick to buying cheap appliances if you don't have much cash lying around.


An Adjustable Thermostat Works Wonders

Adjustable thermostats have been growing in popularity for a few years now, but companies keep producing superior models. They might cost more than you're willing to spend on a thermostat, but they're worth it in the long run.


If you own a normal thermostat you have to run around changing it all the time. Anyone who doesn't automatically adds 15 percent onto their energy bills. Adjustable thermostats will do all the hard work for you.


Adding Extra Insulation to Your Home

Do you know why your energy bills are higher than you imagine? Even if you're careful you will waste lots of money every month. This is because it's far too easy for warm air to escape from homes in tons of different places.


You need to do a better job of insulating every room. I'm sure you know about basics like resealing window frames. You probably don't know standard garage doors are a problem, so replace your one with an insulated model.


You Can Replace Your Entire Roof

Everyone thinks Tesla is the company that will eventually save the world. They've revolutionized the way we think about transport thanks to their electric cars. Now, it's apparently solar roof tiles grabbing all the attention.


If you feel like joining the party you can replace your entire roof too. It would technically save you money if you were starting from scratch, but your current roof will likely last you a few more years before it falls apart.


The Results Will Surely Impress You

You should test out a few of these and keep an eye on the results. You'll be impressed if you're into saving money while protecting the environment. If you start with some of the cheapest ones first you'll be able to take action straight away.


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