7 Startup Office Design Tips to Boost Your Productivity and Health
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Today, you can often see the phrase ‘startup vibe office’ in many job descriptions. But what makes a startup office so desirable and how can you recreate its atmosphere in your workspace? Here are a few pro tips every startup should consider when designing and decorating its headquarters.



An office is not only a place where your company’s business is being conducted. It’s an extension of your product, your ideas, your values and your professional philosophy! So, make sure to display the symbols of your company and flaunt your colors throughout your office. For instance, dedicating a wall to success stories and positive customer reviews is a great way to boost morale and make your company trustworthy. All in all, branding your office will certainly empower your workers, encourage customers to be involved with your brand and give a boost to your core values!



Coziness and comfort

One of the main reasons why people opt to work from home is coziness. That’s why every startup that wants to have satisfied workers who love to be in the office needs to boost the feeling of comfort and warmth. Invest in high-quality office furniture that will offer your workers proper support and plenty of comfort. Choosing ergonomic chairs and desks will not only result in happy workers but also boost productivity and reduce the number of sick days. Even though you might be tight on budget at the beginning, buying cheap furniture will definitely cost you more in the long run. Plus, it’s not sustainable and eco-friendly.



Feeling safe and comfortable in your office space is the key to worker and customer satisfaction. So, make sure to boost your security and protect your most valuable assets. The best way to ensure you have a well-protected office is to invest in good security systems. For instance, professional JD Security alarm monitoring provides you with a great response and monitoring team, fast fault rectification and amazing tech support. It’s the best way to protect your people, funds, and ideas and enhance safety and comfort!



Ample lighting

The first thing people notice when entering a good startup office is the amount of light. Good illumination, especially with natural light, is a great way to leave a good first impression, boost everyone’s mood, improve focus and productivity, and reduce eye strain and headaches. The best way to boost sunlight is to opt for an open or semi-open floor plan with few walls and large windows.


Green tech

Many startups choose to go green, and for all the best reasons. Conserving resources saves the environment, while introducing green materials and natural elements boosts health, productivity and happiness. Plus, running a sustainable and eco-conscious business will certainly leave a good impression with customers and workers, especially the young generation! So, think plants, green walls, energy-saving electronics, tools and appliances, and smart tech.



Fun and relaxation

If you want to create a good startup office, you must realize that work is not everything! Pay attention to break rooms and other community spaces where employees get together and share stories, ideas and successes. Startups are practically driven by the sense of community and cooperation, so don’t forget to nurture and encourage it. Plus, a fun break room is a great way to relax, stretch and clear your mind between tasks! Another thing that employees value is a huge variety of foods and drinks that will keep their energy levels high, so make sure to have a well-stocked snack bar and cold drinks in your office.



Large offices can easily hide the clutter from their customers’ eyes, but small startups with an open-space layout need to work harder to stay clutter-free. However, as long as you invest in smart storage, you’ll manage to keep the space tidy and clean. Filing cabinets, designated storage rooms, and double-duty furniture can certainly help. Also, don’t forget about those ugly cables running across your floors! Hide them in specialized cord guards or consider cordless electronics. Banning eating at the desk is also a great way to keep things clean and tidy!


So, don’t neglect your office while you’re developing your business and growing your brand. Instead, think of a practical, comfortable and welcoming design and let your office work for you and your startup!

Guest post by Chloe Taylor



About the Author

Chloe is an interior design consultant from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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