8 Science-Backed Reasons Why Camping is Good For Your Health
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Have you ever wondered why most health blogs and magazines lay more attention to idyllic outdoor images as opposed to hospital halls? They all seem to pass one message across - you need to get out and enjoy nature. Perhaps it’s high time you stopped looking at the summer camps as another get-together and start considering the immense health benefits it accords you. Can’t take my word for it, here are eight science-backed reasons you should head out for camping.


1. It keeps stress and depression at bay

What keeps you awake during most nights? A quick self-evaluation points to such factors as careers and technology, especially the need for connectedness over social media, which are the lead causes of emotional stress and depressive moods. If not well handled, the stress may result in even more severe health complications. However, camping can help you get away from it all, at least for a while. Plus you come back rejuvenated, ready to bear it all.


2. Fresh air enhances brain clarity

There is a reason most corporates choose to take their staff for retreats outside town and by the countryside. They realize that the fresh air in the wild doesn’t just cleanse the lungs - breathing deeper and more of fresh air leads to more oxygen supply to the body cells. As such, this air promotes higher metabolism, resulting in higher energy production as well as an enhanced clarity of the brain.


3. Socialising is still good for your health

For the most part of life, everyone is always pacing up and down chasing an opportunity, and then another in an unending cycle, leaving you with barely enough time to spend with your children. Interestingly, they also don’t have enough social time as they spend most of their day in a classroom or behind a computer or TV screen. Consider taking time off for camping and help them improve their interpersonal skills. Spending time with those close to you helps alleviate anxiety and stabilize your moods.


4. You get an enough dose of vitamin D

When was the last time you enjoyed a stroll in the park or just sat by your backyard enjoying the morning sun? If you can’t remember, there goes to show the amounts of vitamin D you have been missing. Going camping presents you with the rare opportunity of basking in the sun and stimulating skin synthesis of Vitamin D, without worrying about missing the morning paper or tripping in late for work. Your bones need this, otherwise be ready to spend your ripe years on walking aids.



5. Weight loss

Forget the gym racing mill and other tech-assisted weight loss activities. Camping presents with some of the most exciting and creative activities as rub shoulders with Mother Nature. From walking and simple aerobics to cooking your own food, you will stand a chance to lose more calories than you ever would when sitting behind the TV screen or work desk.


6. Resets your overall body (circadian) rhythms

When you have been doing the same thing day-in-day-out for quite a while, your body and mind tend to shift a circadian rhythm that repeats itself every 24 hours. Unknowingly to you, this rhythm influences critical aspects of your life such as the release of hormones and sleeping habits. It is time to break the cycle and reset your mental clock. And camping helps you achieve that.


7. Grants you an emotional break

Camping also alienates you from the hardships and challenges of your day to day life. It takes away the burden of dealing with complex mental challenges and gives a much-needed emotional break. However, note that to achieve this break, you must plan ahead of the time by ensuring that not even the seemingly simple work-related and decision-making responsibilities creep into your calm camping time.


8. Healthy eating gives your digestive system a break

In most cases, camping doesn’t feel satisfying without having prepared at least one family meal a day. For this one time, you get to ditch the candy and pies and embrace nuts. On other occasions, you are even encouraged to skip entire meals and only enjoy fruits to jumpstart your digestive system.


Is anyone in your household struggling with weight and healthy living issues? Tag them along on your next camping expedition. Remember that if they must bring along snacks to the camp, let it be nuts and other healthy foods. After all, they are trying to escape the fast foods. For additional information you can easily look at Campingstyle Site.


Bottom line

Once most individuals get a hang on the benefits of camping to their health, they from then on jump at every other camping opportunity that comes their way, enjoying the wholesome physical and mental rejuvenation that nature grants their body. What about you? What part of camping do you enjoy? Share your thoughts about these and any other advantage of camping that makes you tick in the comments below.


Written by Mary Jones


About the Author

Mary is the former owner of camping shop in the UK and now is Editor of one of the best UK web sites about camping – Campingstyle.co.uk. You can find Mary on Facebook.



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