9 Proven Ways Meditating Prepares You for Success
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meditation prepares you for success


Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post, and Jeff Weiner, Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn, and many others always set aside time to meditate.

Besides, close to 500 million people meditate globally. In fact, the US meditation market is expected to reach $2 billion by 2022.

What’s the secret? Recent studies suggest that meditation improves your health, success, and happiness. And in this article, you’re going to learn how meditating prepares you for success.

Traditionally, meditation was seen as a practice for people looking for happiness. However, more Americans are doing it more than ever. Currently, over 18 million adults meditate regularly to manage pain and decreasing stress. But meditating can do more than keeping you happier and stress-free.

Here are 9 proven ways meditation can increase your chances of becoming successful.

Meditation Helps to Counter Negative Emotions 

Think about how many times you have been overwhelmed by negative emotions. Yes, that time you got mad at your customers, friends, or employees.

Undeniably, every human has been overpowered by their negative emotions at one time or several times in life. Sadly, these emotions can affect your personal and professional life. The outcome could lead to frustrations and could even keep you from pursuing your goals. So you end up struggling to succeed.

Fortunately, meditation helps us identify and manage negative emotions. It helps us recognize our thoughts and bodily sensations so we can accept those feelings and counter the negativity. In fact, according to multiple studies ( 12), meditation increases positive emotions.

Meditation Helps With Better Stress Management

Research anSuperiorPapers has shown that meditation helps to clear your mind of the truckloads of information that pile up every day that makes you feel stressed. Arguably, when your mind gets too much information that it cannot handle, you’re more likely to struggle with stress. 

Unfortunately, today’s life is full of frustrations, setbacks, and other things so our brains end up getting overloaded with trash. And given that the human brain doesn’t have a mechanism to determine what to handle first; it ends up trying to process all the information at once. You can guess what happens next. 

Thankfully, meditation helps to relax your brain so it can process the information it receives bit by bit, ignoring the unimportant things.

Meditation Helps to Decrease Stress and Anxiety 

Life is full of stressful situations. These situations sometimes cause our body to create a fight-or-flight response. That’s why when you’re threatened, your breathing speed increases and your heart pumps faster. Worse, when you’re stressed, tensed, and anxious at the same time, the fight-or-flight response can be detrimental to your health.

Meditation relaxes you by enabling you to focus on important things like breathing so you can eliminate the feelings that cause stress. Regular meditation can help to keep you calm, peaceful, and balanced especially during stressful situations.

Improves Productivity in High-Performance Circumstances

In a study, participants were set to multitask. Participants were asked to undertake some tasks that required them to handle multiple forms of input, for instance, taking customer orders, answering phone calls, and handling customer complaints. The completion of the tasks was timed. Some participants had taken mindfulness training while others had not. In the end, participants who had taken mindfulness training showed great improvement than those who didn’t.

Generally, handling high-performance and stressful situations professionally is a skill that everyone needs to have in today’s world. Fortunately, meditation helps to cultivate this skill.

Improves Learning and Recall 

If you’ve ever seen interviews of the mega-successful business leaders like Jack Ma or Alibaba, Elon Musk of SpaceX, and Bill Gates of Microsoft, you must have noticed how they provide answers quickly and can remember information fast. It turns out most of these guys are good meditators and that's what keeps them successful.

Meditation helps to stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for learning and remembering. In a certain study, students who undertook mindfulness training four times per week for two weeks were found to have improved memory and better concentration.

Multiple studies have shown that meditation may help to increase mental agility and activity. This helps your brain to take up more information and process it without difficulties especially during high-performance situations. Researchers have also established that meditation may help to slow down the aging process in your brain.

Meditation Helps to Build Better Relationships

Meditation helps you to know and accept yourself. This way, you can know and accept others as well. In fact, mindfulness meditation helps to cultivate a healthy relationship with others and to handle conflicts better.

Some studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness meditation can come back to their best mood after going through upsetting situations. The beauty of meditation is that it helps us learn how to observe and accept our emotions and those of our friends better. This helps to avoid the knee-jerk reactions of the people who don’t meditate regularly.

Helps to Fire Up Our Creative Juices 

Creativity and innovation are two powerful driving forces of success in today’s world. How beautiful would it be to tap into your creative side? Meditation helps to rinse off the trash from the mind so we can take advantage of the creativeness of our brains.

This increases your chances of becoming successful in what you’re doing - and even if you don’t achieve your goals, you’re also able to accept and accommodate your shortcomings.

Improves Your Performance in School

For students, meditation can help to improve grades. As stated above, meditation helps our brain to retain and recall information quickly. That means that if you’re a student or you enjoy taking tests, you’re more likely to get better results than one who doesn’t practice meditation. In a study, students who practiced mindfulness training were found to have improved accuracy on the GRE.

Improves Your Brain Performance During and After Meditating 

The beauty of meditating is that the impact is long-lasting. You will feel the results of meditating when practicing and your brain will continue to work better afterward, for a long period says Jason Morgan, the people manager from MyAssignment.Help.

Additional Ways Meditating Prepares You For Success

Meditation is Good For Your Overall Health

Meditation can be helpful for your health in multiple ways. As stated above meditating helps to counter stress by taming the fight-or-flight response. That means that if you have an existing medical problem that could be worsened by stress, then meditating could help you big time.

The ability to manage stress can help to counter the after-effects and decrease the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Researchers from assignment help have found that the results of meditating are much more than just keeping your brain healthy and focused.

Meditation Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

The positive impacts of meditating collectively contribute to better sleep quality. As stated above, regular meditation helps with stress management, helps you recognize and accept yourself. We have also found that meditation helps to reduce anxiety and depression. That means that after a busy day, you’re going to bed with a calm and relaxed brain and body. So you get super deep sleep.

Helps With Weight Loss Thanks to Improved Metabolism 

In a study, out of ten psychologists who were asked to list helpful strategies for losing weight seven recommended mindfulness meditation to be powerful.

In another study, it was found that people who practice regular meditation had increased metabolism than those who don’t. Increased metabolism results in weight loss.

Improves Mental Clarity

As we grow older, our bodily processes start to slow down - the brain, metabolism, and many other processes included. Fortunately, meditation is similar to working out. So, with regular meditation, you’re able to improve your mental clarity and capacity. That means your brain can hold mountains of information and process it without hitches.

Reduces the Feeling of Isolation

It happens. Even in the digital era where there are tons of tools to keep us connected but you can still grapple with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Fortunately, meditation can help to keep you feeling connected by eliminating the feelings of loneliness and isolation.

In one study, people who were practicing Transcendental Meditation reported feelings of being connected even after practicing for a short time.

Meditation Improves Focus and Attention Span

Last but not least, meditation increases concentration. Researchers from essay writing service reviews have established that mindfulness meditation helps to keep the brain connected. In a nutshell, after meditating, your brain will be much more effective in accessing and processing information quickly. Plus, regular meditation helps to unclog your mind of unwanted information so it can only keep important information.

Final Word

To wrap up our blog post, here are the nine, plus proven ways meditating prepares you for success:

  • Meditation Helps to Counter Negative Emotions 
  • Meditation Helps With Better Stress Management
  • Meditation Helps to Decrease Stress and Anxiety 
  • Improves Productivity in High-Performance Circumstances
  • Improves Learning and Recall 
  • Meditation Helps to Build Better Relationships
  • Helps to Fire Up Our Creative Juices 
  • Improves Your Performance in School
  • Improves Your Brain Performance During and After Meditating 
  • Meditation is Good For Your Overall Health
  • Meditation Can Improve Your Sleep Quality
  • Helps With Weight Loss Thanks to Improved Metabolism 
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Meditation Improves Focus and Attention Span
  • Reduces the Feeling of Isolation

Are you convinced?

If so, start meditating now.

Written by Joseph McLean


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