A Guide for First-Time Visitors to Byron Bay
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Byron Bay

If you live somewhere north of the equator, you probably already miss summer. Icy cold days with little sunlight are not very comforting and fun. But, you can book a flight to Byron Bay, Australia’s playground and surf heaven, and relive summer all over again. If this is your first time in the easternmost point of Australia and the state of New South Wale, here’s a little guide to help you on your adventure.

Where to stay in Byron Bay?

No matter if you’re a backpacker or a lux traveler, you will find accommodation to fit your style and budget. Backpackers through Australia can find everything they want in Byron Bay, from chill spots to relax your tired feet to big party hostels. Aquarius Backpacker and Nomad Byron Bay are two of the most popular spots close to the beach and full of young people ready to party. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can find accommodation ranging from budget-friendly motels to full luxury hotels with epic views, room service and 5* comfort.

What to do?

Byron Bay has a long list of interesting things you can do, no matter if you’re into relaxation, adrenaline or partying. Since it’s a surf town, you might want to learn how to ride the waves. Book a surf lesson and you’ll be able to catch baby waves in no time. If you’re more interested in what lies underneath the surface of the ocean, you can go scuba diving at Julian Rocks and hang out with diverse marine life. Depending on when you visit Byron, you can expect to see manta rays and other big rays, grey nurse sharks and even curious leopard sharks.  And a bunch of friendly and playful sea turtles too!

If you’re into more adult fun, Byron offers wild nightlife with many clubs where you can dance your heart out and drink until dawn. With live music, DJs, clubs, beachfront bars and grunge pubs, all sorts of nightlife lovers will have a blast. And since Australia is very liberal and relaxed about adult things, you can even book Byron Bay topless dancers for your special event. Their strippers can spice up any event yet keep it sophisticated and classy so no one gets in trouble.

Where to eat?

Byron Bay is a tourist spot that offers food that’s enjoyed both by locals and tourists (then you know it’s the real deal). The Farm Byron Bay is a great spot where you can find Three Blue Ducks restaurant. This mega shed also holds a bar, bakery and local produce store, so you can stay here the entire day. After a lazy day at the beach, you can hop to The Mez Club and have authentic Mediterranean-style cuisine inspired by Morocco, Greece and Turkey. The best part? You just have to slip on a shirt and don’t even bother with brushing off the sand from your toes!

Where to drink?

When in Byron Bay, you must visit the iconic The Rails bar. This old-school hole in the wall is the best place to listen to some live music while chatting with locals. In the winter, you can keep yourself warm by a fire drum, with a glass of wine in hand and sweet tunes in your ear. If you prefer warm soft beverages, you probably know that Australia has amazing coffee. The Roadhouse is all about organic, fermented, pickled and cold-pressed hipster items, but you might come for the coffee and stay for the tasty lime margaritas.

Where to shop?

You can’t return home from Byron without a few mementos to display in your home and casually drop into the conversation when you want to sound traveled. Byron Bay is full of shopping places where you can find one-off designs, handmade crafts and original homewares — all of them are worth every cent and every crossed kilometer. Make sure to check out Spell and The Gypsy label that will allow you completely adopt the town’s chill vibe. Plus, Miley Cyrus loves this collective, so you’ll also look chic in it. Places like Habitat and We Are Pampa also successfully combine boutique shopping with sustainability and originality.

Byron Bay is perfect for any visitor — solo backpackers, families with kids and groups of friends looking to unleash their wild sides. And by studying this guide, you will feel like a pro when you land to Byron for your magical adventure.

Written by Carolin Petterson


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