A Guide to Sustainable Home Renovation
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green home remodeling

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Green remodeling choices are popular these days because they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Remodeling itself implies that you are choosing an ecological option since you're not building from scratch but using what you already have. Remodeling means that nature won't have to suffer from any newly generated waste and debris and that some old stuff will get a new look. Other than that, adding some sustainable features to your home will reduce the bills long-term and your benefit will be significant as well.

Recycle instead of replacing

Many items can be repurposed instead of thrown away and replaced with new ones. Other than saving money by not purchasing brand new furniture or other items, you also contribute to the environment. Let's say you have an old closet that you are not using. By painting it to some bright color and adorning it with some vases with flowers, you get an antique item that will lighten the room and all that for little money.

Deconstruct instead of demolishing

We mentioned that constructing implies a certain amount of debris that can harm the environment. Demolition does this too. Many people opt for demolition when reconstructing their home because they want to make some home extensions or to get rid of some parts of the house and construct something different. Always try to re-use whatever can be re-used and reduce demolition to the minimum. This will contribute to the sustainability of your home.

Make an eco-friendly kitchen

One of the most important places in your home is the kitchen. This is where you prepare your food and in case you like green choices, you will probably opt for healthy ingredients and ecologically friendly kitchen elements. An energy-efficient kitchen is an excellent choice for those who want to make sustainable renovation choices. You should opt out of toxic materials which means no formaldehyde and no strong chemicals for cleaning. Stone is a great material that adds some classiness to any room and it is very sustainable since it can be found in nature in huge quantities. You can use it for your kitchen stone backsplash.

Energy-efficient appliances

There are simple ways to make some arrangements in your home to save money. For example, you can place your fridge in a spot in your kitchen where there is no direct sunlight that could heat it, and this way you allow its optimal functioning. Make sure the appliances you buy have the Energy Star label which guarantees their sustainability.

The bathroom and plumbing systems

Toilets are great water consumers which makes the plumbing system very important when it comes to reducing bills and enhancing sustainability. Pay attention to details, which means you should replace some of your faucets and showerheads with those that are low-flow. This way you will do the same thing and use less water daily. When it comes to popular and good materials for the bathroom, take into consideration natural ceramics and nontoxic cement.

Use durable flooring materials

Durable materials are good because you don't have to replace them frequently. This means you won't need many remodelings in the future and that the material you have is sustainable. Many things add to the remodeling process, such as transportation of the goods and some chemical procedures that accompany the remodeling among others. When people opt for simple, classic, and durable flooring materials they usually choose tiles, which are very versatile, durable, and classy. Depending on your budget, preferences, and the rest of the interior design in your home, choose those tiles that best suit you. One of the most environmentally friendly choices is very durable stone tiles. Another option is tiles that imitate wood.

Avoid chemicals for the wall painting

If your wall paint is already old and you would like to freshen it up a little bit, make sure you consider all the walling options and choose the best one. Regular wall paint usually contains some harmful chemicals you would prefer to avoid. We all know that smell that sticks for several days when we paint our walls. Ventilation is crucial in those days to make it go away. A lick of paint might be the quickest and easiest way to freshen up tired walls, but its environmental impact is often overlooked. Perhaps surprisingly to some, a significant quantity of conventional paint products contain harmful and toxic chemicals. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) classifies paint as one of its top five most dangerous substances. A good alternative to conventional paints is eco-friendly ones, made free of organic materials and toxic chemicals.

Make good choices for furniture

Furniture is something that makes your home look cozy, elegant, homey, or vintage, all that depending on your taste. If you opt for green home remodeling, make sure you choose furniture made of sustainable materials like bamboo, which is a great alternative to wood. Also, some recycled materials are a good option, such as timber and metal.

An ecologically friendly lifestyle has become an imperative in the world we live in if we want to preserve the environment. Other than helping the planet, you will also save money long-term and improve your health if you opt for green materials over regular ones.

Written by Liam Smith. Connect with Liam on Twitter.


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