adidas Unveils Performance Shoes Made From 100% Biodegradable Fibers
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At the Biofabricate Conference in New York, adidas unveiled a prototype of its new product – performance shoes adidas Futurecraft Biofabric.


The upper of Futurecraft Fabric shoe is made from 100% Biosteel® fibers developed by AMSilk GmbH, the world’s first industrial supplier of sustainably produced high-performance biopolymers. AMSilk is  headquartered near Munich, Germany.



According to adidas, Biosteel® fiber is a nature-based 100% biodegradable high performance fiber. Unlike conventional synthetic fibers, Biosteel® fiber is 15% lighter in weight and, as adidas claims, it is the strongest fully natural material available.


James Carnes, VP of Strategy Creation at adidas, said, “This is a pioneering stride forward beyond sustainability into a new territory of bionic innovation.”


James Carnes also added that, in a year of ground-breaking innovations from adidas, company’s partnership with AMSilk and the unveiling of the adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoe are another steps that demonstrate adidas’ commitment to redefining sport industry.


CEO of AMSilk Jens Klein added, “The sports shoes which have been developed together with adidas are the first products worldwide with a high-performance material made of nature-identical silk biopolymers. With this development we are setting new standards regarding the functionality of renewable textiles.”



James Carnes said that this concept represents premium innovation. He added that “adidas achieved an unrivalled level of sustainability by using Biosteel® fibers in its products.”


Recently, adidas released the first mass produced running shoes made from recycled ocean plastic waste in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. Now, in partnership with AMSilk, adidas aims to explore the use of Biosteel® fibers on a larger scale, investing in solutions that leverage science and nature as an integral part of innovation.


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by Natalie Myhalnytska



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