Animal Feed Manufacturer Ensuring Proper Animal Nutrition is Attained
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animal feed production in Thailand


Thailand is like other countries in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world. The country’s animal feed manufacturer lists find a way of meeting animal feed requirements. In this regard, huge quantities of imported materials are likewise not needed.

Self-sufficiency in food production is the goal of Asian countries long-term, including Thailand. Thailand has implemented a longstanding policy that also developed the country being the center for the animal feed manufacturing industry.

Fishmeal, cake, and soybean meal are essential protein sources utilized in Thailand. These products are also imported. The government is viewing this as a threat to its fishing and farming community. That’s why it also has set some future goals in the development of competitive sources of protein from the local products.

One policy is focused on the locally cassava based products and cassava roots. All of them have been found to contain protein. The Clean Tapioca Program is aimed at developing and promoting tapioca or cassava products.

Animal feed manufacturer Thailand is currently producing almost twenty-eight million tonnes of cassava roots.  It even reached about 17.2 million tonnes in 2003. The products have several uses in Thailand. Proper animal nutrition is attained as ensured by animal feed manufacturers.

Pellet and chip production is used for animal feed. This is then sold into both export and domestic markets. The domestic use of cassava in most animal feeds reached an estimate of 700,000 tonnes. This is dated back to 2007 by the feed millers association in Thailand. The exports are also somehow significant.

Pellet and cassava chip exports earn around 650 million pounds every year. This is the key factor that underpins the demand of Thailand for imported animal feed. The government is recognizing a level of import needed in keeping the export businesses going on in Thailand. This, of course, is carried out in a cost-effective manner.

Raw Materials Intended for Animal Feed

An animal feed manufacturer is ensuring proper animal nutrition through the production of around nine-million tonnes of agricultural wastes and products. These are utilized in the local animal feed. As mentioned, Thailand is the main producer of cassava and rice. These industries are more concentrated on the exporting market than the domestic market.

Animal feed manufacturer Thailand is focused more on supplying raw materials for domestic feed. These supplies are heavily dependent upon energy rather than protein. Thailand is integrated into a regional supply of feeds in bases and channels. This is also including the neighboring countries like Myanmar, Indo-China countries, the Indian subcontinent, and Southern China.

In the Ministry of Agriculture, animal feed demands an equation of about twelve million tonnes. This is dating back to 2008 wherein poultry feed is 49-percent, pig feed is 39-percent, and cattle and other feeds are 12-percent. Fish and prawn feed is reported at exactly about 518,000 tonnes to 795,000 tonnes.

The animal feed industry in Thailand has so far included 1,000 manufacturers. Around two-hundred of them are ranked medium to large sizes of businesses. The businesses are producing livestock feed, so far. Almost one-hundred fifty businesses in the market are regarded as aquafeed specialists. Around seventy are considered as producers of complete feeds for aquaculture. The biggest animal feed manufacturing factors are also those integrated into the pork & poultry businesses.

These large businesses are marketing their feed products to a range of independent farmers. The biggest feed manufacturers in Thailand expanded more of their production capacity of million tonnes.

Thailand is truly after the manufacture of animal feeds like oats, barley, and grain sorghum. Prepared animal premixes, feeds, starch industry residues, distilling and brewing industry residues are leading the market as manufactured by animal feed manufacturing companies.


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